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DISH Network Packages Today: Better Than Ever

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DISH Programming Packages

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I named this site for a simple reason. Because I am a satellite consumer! I was a DISH customer for 16 years and I got interested in promoting the service back around 2005 because I believe in promoting services that have used myself and have been satisfied with. You’ll find the latest DISH Network packages to choose from right here.

A lot has changed since I first started this site, especially in the last three years or so. The biggest change, as it relates to DISH is that I am no longer a customer. In fact, I am a DirecTV customer now! But not for the reasons you might suspect. For the full story on that, check this out and find out why I still think you can’t beat DISH Network Packages when it comes to subscription TV services.

For my money, DISH continues to offer a great value in TV entertainment today. My experiences with cable TV through the years have not been very positive and after many years as a DISH subscriber I have found that the costs are lower, are not increased as often. Despite what the cable industry says about the reliability of satellite TV, I found that it was more reliable than cable TV was.Dish Network Antenna

These days subscribers do not have to shell out hundreds of dollars like I did when I first signed up. You can sign up today and get all of your equipment for free. With most satellite and cable service offers you will usually have to sign up for a specified amount of time by agreeing to a contract.The same thing is true for the DISH Network packages you can take advantage of today.

Considering that I had to pay about $400 back in the “old days” to buy my own satellite equipment, you can save a lot of money with the latest DISH Network packages, which makes it a lot easier to accept the idea of entering into a contract for a year or two.

As of this writing, there are some very good deals for new customers. Just $39.99 per month for two years. This includes over 50 of America’s favorite TV channels, including CNN, ESPN, TLC and Discovery Channel. For all the latest details, call 866-537-9648 today.

My Experience With DISH

As someone who was a very satisfied customer of 16 years, it is hard for me to imagine someone not being satisfied with the service, as long as there were no problems with the reception or anything of that nature. I really do love satellite TV service, and would not even think of going back to cable TV. I also like the wide variety of programming that’s offered with all of the DISH Network packages that are currently available.

Satellite is a great alternative for people that don’t even have cable TV available in their area. My own situation is a good example. We live towards the end of a dead-end street with a lot of undeveloped land between our home and the homes closer to the main road.

The local cable company did not extend their lines down to the three homes that are located near the end of the street where we live, and according to my neighbor who has lived here a lot longer than I have, the cable TV company wanted more than $1,000 from the residents here to have their lines extended to our end of the street if anyone wanted to get access to cable. That happened a number of years ago when they first hung the lines in this area. My two closest neighbors opted for satellite instead. A smart move on their part.

Cable TV companies tend to exaggerate about what kind of weather affects satellite TV reception as part of their marketing strategy. Keep that in mind if you are thinking about signing up for one of the current DISH Network deals.

High-Speed Internet For DISH Network Packages

For a period of time when I was still living up north, I still had to rely on my local cable TV provider for my high-speed internet access. There simply were no other choices where I was living at the time. It was one of those situations where the cable TV company truly had a monopoly on providing high-speed internet access.

Comcast was charging me about $65 per month just for internet service, and although I had no major complaints with the service, that price did seem a bit inflated to me considering that it was only for internet access, and did not include any television programming bundles or other services.

During the spring of 2011, our local telephone company extended high-speed DSL service to our old neighborhood and I signed up to try it out right away. It was not long before I decided that DSL from the telephone company offered us a more reliable internet connection for nearly half the price we were paying for Comcast’s high-speed internet service.

I have to admit, it felt great to call Comcast and tell them that I wanted to cancel their over-priced broadband internet service. Although Comcast was offering higher speeds than our DSL provider was, I did find that DSL was a lot more reliable than cable internet from Comcast, which used to suffer from outages a lot more frequently.

Although I moved during the summer of 2012, I still use DSL from my local telephone company (AT&T) for my high-speed internet access needs. Although the service at my new home is not quite as good as it was at my old home, it’s still less expensive than Comcast and it is more reliable. In general, DSL is not as fast as cable when it comes to downloading, but unless you are downloading a lot of large files on a regular basis, I’d say DSL speeds are quite adequate for the majority of internet users.

Since DSL is the only broadband internet option available where I live now, it’s good to know that DISH now offers broadband internet via their new dishNET service, which is available with current DISH Network packages. Although satellite internet would not be the first choice for consumers with access to other services like DSL, it is a great alternative for those who have no other way to get high-speed internet. And as I mentioned, it’s good to know it’s available in case I ever have problems with my DSL service or lose access to it for some reason.

The reception problems I have had with satellite service over 16 years years are nothing to compare with the problems I used to have with cable TV. All the stuff that the cable companies say about reception problems with satellite TV are exaggerated to a large extent. It may be true that satellite TV users experience more weather-related outages than cable TV users, but in my experience, it’s also true that cable outages last much longer than satellite outages.

Why Own Equipment You Won’t Need If You’re Not A Subscriber?

Unlike the “old days” when I bought my own equipment, DISH normally retains ownership of the equipment you get today with all the current DISH Network packages, and you have to return it if you cancel your subscription. This seems like the way to go, since I had to buy my own equipment back in 1998, and it would have been useless to me if I had canceled my DISH Network package. I suppose I could have sold it or something, but I’d rather not have to deal with that hassle if I do not have to.

It is important to understand that most, if not all, satellite TV packages and cable service plans involve a contract of some type. In other words, when you sign up, you are agreeing to stay with the service for a certain amount of time, and if you cancel the service before that amount of time has passed, you may be subject to a penalty payment that is usually in the hundreds of dollars.

All subscription television services require these types of contracts to prevent people from switching back and forth between services frequently to get the lowest price on the latest TV deals as new competing promotions are introduced. It’s hard to blame people for wanting to get the best deal that they can, but it’s also understandable that the cable and satellite companies had to come up with a way to protect themselves from subscribers who switch every time a new The Hopper DVR is available with all DISH Network packagespromotion comes along.

Here’s the best advice I can offer: When you are ordering a new service, like one of the current DISH Network packages, a cell phone or some type of extended product warranty, pay attention to every small detail. As the saying goes: “Read the fine print” and do not agree to anything unless you understand exactly what you are agreeing to.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Customer service representatives are available to answer all your questions. A quick call to DISH can get all your questions answered, from availability and pricing to the details on the latest promotions for all DISH Network packages.

With that in mind, it’s my personal opinion that DISH is the best option in America for those that have decided to go with a satellite TV package. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better solution for all your television entertainment needs. Like anything else, opinions differ and some people are quite satisfied with DirecTV or cable television and do not feel like they have anything to gain by switching to a new provider.

Now that I have had a chance to experience what it is like to be a DirecTV customer, I can say without reservation that the equipment DISH provides is superior to the equipment that DirecTV provides. I have found that the DirecTV equipment is not quite as capable and is just a bit harder to use. Perhaps it does not make a difference for most people, but for someone who is a bit of a “techie” like me, the differences are quite noticeable — especially when I first started using DirecTV.

DISH and their sister company EchoStar are widely recognized as leaders in DVR technology, and it’s hard for me to imagine watching TV these days without the benefit of a digital video recorder. Their latest DVR system — The Hopper — has given DISH a clear edge over the competition by offering customers a top-rated whole-home DVR system that extends the advantages of DVR use throughout the home.

The Hopper also goes the extra mile by allowing users to automatically skip over commercials when watching many prime time TV programs. That means that you won’t have to use your remote control to “zap” or skip over commercials. Instead you can just let The Hopper take care of that for you, making the television viewing experience all the better.

The second generation of The Hopper introduces a new set of features that allows viewers to watch both “live” and recorded programs on internet-enabled devices such as smart phones and tablets. Programs can also be copied to some devices for viewing even without an internet connection.

Installation Is Easy

In most cases, next-day installation is available and can get you up and running with any one of the current DISH Network packages in no time. Professional installation means you don’t have to do anything other than let the technician into your home to set everything up for you and test it thoroughly to make sure everything is working properly.Dish Network Installation Technician Truck

It’s important for new subscribers to understand that the location of the satellite dish will be dependent on being able to have “line of sight” to the area of the sky where the broadcast satellites reside. In other words, there cannot be any obstructions in the way, such as buildings, hills or trees.

Most of the time the installation technician can find a suitable location to mount the dish, but sometimes there just isn’t any location on a subscriber’s property that allows a clear path to the satellites. In those cases, DISH simply isn’t an option.

Sometimes it is best to mount the satellite dish on a subscriber’s home and at other times it might be better to mount it on a pole that is installed by digging a hole in the ground and installing the pole securely so that it will not move and fall out of alignment with the satellite, which can result in loss of all programming.

The time it takes to complete an installation varies quite a bit, with some installations taking less than an hour and more complicated installations taking several hours. Some installations can be quite challenging and require technicians to improvise a bit in order to overcome potential problems. The most serious problem is not being able to find a suitable location for the satellite dish due to obstructions, but much of time a technician can solve those kinds of problems by getting creative.

DISH installation technicians are trained to identify the very best installation solutions for every subscriber and will work with them to install equipment in accordance with their wishes.

It’s easy to get DISH installed in your home, just call 1-866-537-9648 and schedule your installation at your convenience.

Programming Options For All DISH Network Packages

An impressive variety of DISH programming packages are available with one that will accommodate just about every budget. From the new Flex Pack™ all the way up to America’s Top 250™, there’s plenty to choose from. Whether you love movies, sports, documentaries, music, politics, news or shopping, DISH has something for you.

Keep in mind that DISH Network packages also include local channels and regional sports channels. You won’t lose touch with your local community programming by subscribing to DISH Network.

DISH offers all the top channels that are on the “must have” list for so many TV viewers these days. Channels like The Discovery Channel, A&E, ESPN, AMC, TNT, Fox News, CNN, TBS, Disney Channel, CNBC, Lifetime, TLC, and many more.

As you might expect, DISH also offers a ton of sports programming, including the popular NFL Red Zone as well as Big Ten Network, FOX Soccer Channel, MLB Network, MLB StrikeZone, NBA TV, NFL Network, NHL Network, and Pac-12 Network.

All your favorite premium channels are on DISH also, including HBO, Showtime, CineMax, Starz, and Encore.

Get HD FREE For Life With Qualifying DISH Network Packages!

Flex Pack™: Start with 51 of America’s top channels and you can then add the channel packs you really want. Add as many channel packs as you want and custom design the package that’s just right for you! $39.99/mo for 24 months.

America’s Top 120™ Plus: A step up from America’s Top™ 120 which gives you regional sports channels for only an additional $5.00/mo. HD Free For Life! $54.99/mo for 24 months.

America’s Top 200™: This is the most popular programming choice and includes over 235 channels of the top TV entertainment available, including all the programming from America’s Top 120™ plus a variety of other great channels like Bravo, MSNBC, SPEED, Animal Planet and more! HD Free For Life! $64.99/mo for 24 months.

America’s Top 250™: Great programming for a great price. Get over 290 channels of the best programming in TV. HD Free For Life! $74.99/mo for 24 months.

For the very latest on all current special offers, promotions and pricing, call 866-537-9648 to place your order today.

All promotional offers require 24-month commitment and credit qualification. All prices, fees, packages, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice.

Premium Movie Channels FREE For 3 Months!

Another great incentive that’s being offered for new subscribers signing up for select DISH Network Packages is the addition of SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, STARZ® and the DISH Movie Pack FREE for 3 months.

On select packages you can get HBO® FREE for a whole year, so if you’re a big movie fan, you may want to ask about that when you call to order DISH.

These offers are a great way for new subscribers to check out some of the premium movie channels at their leisure with no cost. You’ll find something for just about everyone in the family on these popular channels including movies, specials, documentaries and award-winning original series programming.

* HD Free For Life® offer: $10/mo HD add-on fee waived for life of current account. Requires qualifying programming. $10/mo HD fee waived for life of current account, limited to channels associated with selected programming package. Qualifying programming packages are America’s Top 120, America’s Top 120 Plus, America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250, DishLATINO Plus, DishLATINO Dos, and DishLATINO Max. You may forfeit free HD in the case of service disconnection.

All prices, packages, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice.