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DISH Promotions

Free Installation
HD Free For Life
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FREE Installation

Current DISH promotions offer new subscribers free professional installation in your home! Other pay-TV providers charge extra for installation in more than one or two rooms. DISH technicians are trained professionals who can tackle just about any installation challenge and get the job done right.

When I first got DISH back in 1998, I installed the system myself. At the time it was a lot easier since we were receiving our programming from a single satellite. I actually had fun installing my DISH system but these days, advanced technology would probably make that project impractical.

With dish antennas that receive signals from three or four satellites at the same time, much more training and experience is required. More advanced equipment is also required to locate the satellites in the sky. You can’t just point your dish in the general direction of the satellites and expect to move it around until you hit the “sweet spot” like I did back in 1998.

Take advantage of the latest DISH promotions and schedule your installation fast, which can usually be done in a day or two. The installation normally takes an hour or two but since the complexity of the installation varies greatly from one location to another it could take longer to complete an installation. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, including the number of rooms you want to have connected as well as the location of the satellite dish.

Get The Hopper – Watch Shows, Not Commercials!

DISH’s Hopper whole-home HD DVR system has to be one of the best inventions to come out of the satellite TV industry so far. Beyond the Hopper’s ability to share it’s programming with up to three other televisions in the house. Unlike previous DVR models, the Hopper doesn’t restrict HD viewing to the TV it is connected to. Viewers in other rooms can also enjoy HD TV.

Another amazing feature of the Hopper is its ability to automatically “hop” over commercials. For programming recorded via the “Primetime Anytime” feature, most commercial breaks can be skipped automatically. No other DVR on the market can do that. The Hopper’s AutoHop technology lets viewers watch shows, not commercials!

The Hopper will revolutionize your television viewing experience and allow every family member to watch the programs that want to watch when they want to watch them, and skip over commercials as well. And since the hopper can provide programming for four television sets in different rooms, everyone can watch their favorite programs without interfering with anyone one else.

HD Free For Life

Who doesn’t love HD? I’ve been addicted to HD since I first laid eyes on it. “Addicted” is probably a little too strong, so let’s just say I have a hard time watching any program that isn’t HD. Watching standard-definition TV feels like going back in time, kind of like watching black-and-white TV after color TV became widely available. Now there are new high-definition technologies coming along like 4K, which will make watching television an even more realistic experience.

Another great DISH promotion is HD Free For Life®. DISH is a leader in HD programming and offers more than 200 HD channels. This promotional offer provides some of DISH’s most popular HD channels for free with qualifying programming packages. This is an option that normally costs $10 per month.

HD Free For Life gives viewers great HD channels such as HGTV, ESPN, and Discovery Channel.

Requires subscription to a qualifying package.

Get On Board With DISH Starting at Just $39.99 Per Month!

New customers can enjoy DISH programming for as little as $39.99 per month for 2 years when they sign up with DISH.

DISH offers TV viewers a great collection of programming packages that are bound to be a great fit for just about everyone’s viewing preferences. What’s great about DISH is that they offer some of the best rates in the industry and viewers get great entertainment value for their money.

Getting started with DISH is easy and affordable and the latest DISH promotions sweeten the deal. Call 866-537-9648 today and get your best promotional offer from DISH!

Premium Channels FREE For 3 Months

Get SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and DISH Movie Pack free for 3 months!

SHOWTIME®: Known for their highly-rated original series programming, Showtime is a network that has been creating a lot of buzz recently. This package features nine channels including five HD channels. In addition to their much-talked-about original series programming, Showtime also dishes up Hollywood hits to satisfy the movie fan in the family.

STARZ®: With eight channels of programming (six in HD), the Starz package packs in more than 450 movies per month! That, plus a variety of original programming makes this one a contender. Check out Starz FREE for 3 whole months and find out if it’s the premium package for you.

Cinemax®: Here’s another big name in TV movies that’s similar to HBO and is actually owned by the same company. Cinemax® specializes in feature-length movies and also provides original series programming, documentaries and specials.

DISH Movie Pack: Perfect for movie lovers because it provides the commercial-free movies you love and includes recent blockbusters that you probably won’t find on any other premium channel.

What a great way to get on board with DISH! This free premium channel offer is a fantastic way to “test drive” the premium package of your choice and give you 3 months to decide if it is one that you want to keep as part of your programming package. Don’t miss the boat! Make sure you take advantage of the latest DISH promotions and call today!