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DISH Network Offers 3 Months Free Access to HBO and Showtime

DISH has been offering new customers a free trial of premium movie channels for quite a long time. Naturally, it’s an incentive for people to sign up for the service but it is also a good way to “test drive” some premium movie channels and see if you think they are worth paying for after the free trial has ended.

Even though DISH has been offering these kinds of promotional perks for many years, they could decide to put an end to these offers at any time. The fact that they have been offering them for so long is probably a good indication that they are quite effective, so it is more likely that they will continue. For now, at least, these promotions are one of the nice benefits of DISH Network.

Normally, these types of offers allow new subscribers to select the premium channels they want from HBO®, Showtime®, Cinemax®, Starz® and DISH’s own Movie Pack. These offers typically allow the new customer to watch some of these channels for free for three months, which seems like more than enough time to allow for a good evaluation and for the customer to decide if they want to keep them and start paying for them monthly when the trial period comes to an end and the normal rate

Are They Worth Paying For?

Premium movie channels are not for everyone and at one time I would not have considered them to be worth paying for. I had tried a number of the popular premium movie channels a few times through the years when special offers were available and I was usually not very impressed.

My main complaint with channels like HBO® and Showtime® was that they continuously showed the same worn-out, tired old movies over and over again. I remember sitting there and paging through the on-screen guide and being amazed by the number of times they showed the same movies over a period of years. At least that was the way it seemed to me.

Do They Show Anything Good?

Another gripe I had with premium movie channels was that they just didn’t show many good movies. Granted, “good” is a matter of opinion, and perhaps some people find that premium movie channels show a lot of movies they want to watch, but that certainly wasn’t my experience.

I can remember looking though a week’s worth of listings on the guide and feeling lucky if I was able to find one or two movies that I considered worth watching. Many of them seemed to be decades old and included a lot of titles I had seen many years before and did not care to see again.

Looking through the listings for a premium movie channel was not a very inspiring experience for me and it certainly didn’t convince me that I wanted to start paying to have any of then included in my programming bundle.

High-quality Series To The Rescue!

Things began to change a little when the premium movie channels caught on to the idea of the high-quality series. To me, this was a real revolution in television viewing because there were movie-quality TV series that were being produced by the likes of HBO® and Showtime®. I believe HBO® was a real pioneer in this area and kind of got the ball rolling with popular series like The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. Other networks like FX and AMC joined the party with popular high-quality series offerings like The Shield.

Since then, a whole host of very watchable and excellently-produced series have come and gone. For me it was a relief to see the decline of the “traditional” poor-quality television series that aired on the “big three” television networks for decades and the rise of this new brand of series that rivaled the quality of movie theater blockbusters. It certainly was a big change from the television viewing experience I had growing up which mostly consisted of about three local channels representing the three big television networks, ABC, CBS and NBC.

I will admit that my last experience with premium movie channels is a bit dated, but I was still sorely disappointed with most of the offerings on the premium movie channels at that time. However, given the high-quality series that are now being aired on many of these channels, I do think they are very much improved and might be worth considering.

For a long time premium movie channels were not worth it for me and I understand that the opinion of others might certainly differ. After all, if a lot of people were not willing to pay for them they would not be on the air any longer, so they must have been doing something right. I suppose not every customer is as picky as I am but I am glad to see that these channels have been innovating and hopefully that will continue into the future. That will surely help them remain profitable and on the air.

Good Movies Do Happen

Even though I found it quite difficult to find movies I considered worth watching during the times I had access to a premium movie channel, there are times when they come up with a real good movie or documentary to show. That, in addition to some good high-quality TV series programming could make it worthwhile to shell out a few extra bucks every month to have access.

Even if you have no intent to sign up for any of those channels, it is kind of nice to have access to some of them during the trial period after signing up for DISH. It’s quite likely you will find a few good movies or other programs to watch during that time and you won’t have to pay for them. Free is always a good thing.

As with any offers like this, make sure you know the details when you sign up for them. In many cases, these offers will end up transferring from “free” to “paid” after the trial period has ended unless you take the time to call and let them know that you do not want to continue with them when the trial period has ended. Otherwise you might find that your monthly bill has jumped up a few dollars and you will probably end up wondering how that happened.