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DISH Takes On Demand To The Next Level

On October 1, 2011 DISH launched it’s Blockbuster Movie Pass service which has since been renamed BLOCKBUSTER @Home. This new service really takes DISH to the next level of on-demand programming with thousands of movies and television shows available to stream to your TV or computer for only an additional $10 per month, which is added to your DISH bill. There is, however, much more to Blockbuster @Home than just streaming content.

DISH’s decision to purchase Blockbuster during the spring of 2011 has positioned the company nicely to ramp up their offerings and that’s exactly what they have done with Blockbuster @Home.

It should be noted that subscribers must have an HD DVR and a broadband internet connection in order to take advantage of streaming content to your television. The reason for that is pretty straightforward. Streaming content is downloaded from the internet and then must be stored on a DVR before it can be viewed. Receivers do not have the internal hard drives that are built into DVRs and therefore they have no place to store the on-demand programming content.

Physical Rentals: The Old Blockbuster Model Is Alive And Well

In addition to the streaming content that’s available with the Blockbuster @Home, subscribers can also rent movies and television shows on DVD and Blu-Ray as well as games for popular consoles like Xbox and Playstation.

Subscribers can queue up their selections online which will be mailed out to them and be available to keep for as long as the subscriber wants without worrying about deadlines or late fees. The discs can be returned by mail or exchanged for their next selection at a local Blockbuster store.

The basic plan allows subscribers to keep one disc at a time but other plans allow for two or three discs to be kept for an additional fee.

Blockbuster @Home offers subscribers over 100,000 titles to choose from, including new releases and there is no extra charge for Blu-Ray rentals.

My experience with getting the DVDs through Blockbuster @Home was pretty positive. I was a Netflix subscriber a few years ago for a year or so and I found it to be pretty similar. Setting up the queue of shows and movies I wanted to receive on DVR was fast and easy.

With regional centers around the country most people are probably not too far from a distribution center which certainly speeds the delivery and return of DVDs. I found that the service was about as fast as Netflix was and there are a very large number of movies, television shows and games to choose from.

Additional Channels Included

In addition to the streaming content and physical rentals that are available as a Blockbuster @Home subscriber, the package also includes more than 20 channels that will be added to your DISH HD programming package.

Blockbuster @Home includes the following channels for subscribers with an HD-capable DVR or receiver: Centric HD, Crime & Investigation HD, Encore Suspense, EPIX HD, EPIX2 HD, EPIX 3 HD, HD Theatre, HDNet Movies, Hallmark Movie Channel, IndiePlex HD, LOGO HD, MAVTV HD, MGM HD, MoviePlex, Palladia HD, PixL HD, RetroPlex HD, Sony Movie Channel, Starz Cinema, Sundance, Universal HD, World Fishing Network.

Blockbuster @Home includes the following channels for subscribers with a standard-definition receiver: Sony Music Channel, EPIX, EPIX 2 and EPIX 3, IndiePlex, RetroPlex, MoviePlex, PixL, Centric, LOGO, Palladia, MAVTV, HDNet Movies, Universal HD, Crime & Investigation, World Fishing Network, MGM HD, Starz Cinema, Encore Suspense, Hallmark Movie Channel