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How About Some Truth and Transparency For a Change?

Please bear with me here, since I’m going to lay all my cards on the table and fill you in on what this site is all about. As someone who makes his living on the internet (before you ask: No, I do not send spam! Ever!), I get a commission when someone signs up for DISH by clicking through my site to order or calling the toll-free number above.

I’m not going to name names, but there are some — as you might imagine — people out there promoting various products who are not exactly being honest with their audience. It’s very hard to be sure of who you are really dealing with online, since just about anyone in the world can set up a website and pretend they are someone who they are not, and they also may pretend they are located somewhere they really aren’t. Here’s one way to protect yourself:Calling from where?

Do some searches on the internet for information on any site you are thinking of doing business with. For example, if you wanted to check this site out, go to a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing and type in: and then search.

If I have been dishonest with someone, or caused someone to be cheated or misled in any way, there’s a good chance that you will see some complaints. There are a number of consumer-oriented sites out there that allow people to post experiences they have had with sites or businesses.

Keep in mind however, that there is a certain percentage of the population that is never satisfied, and will always find something to complain about. At least that’s been my experience.

A good rule of thumb that I use is this: If I see a lot of complaints about a company on more than one or two consumer-oriented sites, I tend to think that there may be a real problem with that company, and will probably avoid doing business with them. If I see just one or two complaints, I will consider the fact that they could be the result of one of those terminally unhappy people who love to complain about anything and everything.

I actually had someone contact me once and basically call me a criminal because he had a bad experience with DISH that was his own fault! Granted, what DISH did was kind of silly, but it was his mistake that caused the whole incident. This guy then proceeded to inform me that he was going to badmouth DISH on as many consumer sites as he could. I suppose he was hoping it would hurt DISH as well as myself, but the reality of it is that I saw no change in my business at all.

A big company like DISH has millions of customers, and as a result, there are going to be some unhappy customers who want to make the company look bad. You’ll find the same kind of complaints if you investigate DirecTV or Comcast or just about any other big company. It’s kind of like the way some people are about cars. Some guys are “Ford Men” and some are “Chevy Men.” That reference is a bit of a throw-back to the old days, but I think you get the point.

The agreement I entered into to promote DISH forbids telemarketing of any kind, so if you get telephone calls from someone trying to sell you DISH service, you know it will not be from me! There are some businesses that make telemarketing calls and may try to pass themselves off as DISH representatives when they really aren’t, so be very cautions about any telephone calls from people trying to sell you any kind of product or service.

Some overseas companies may not respect our “Do Not Call” laws here in the United States and probably do not fear prosecution, and as a result, might make telemarketing calls selling various products and services. I have had experiences like that myself and I am on the “Do Not Call” list, so their calls are wasted on me.

I also do not send e-mail promoting DISH (or anything else!). That is also prohibited by the agreement I entered into in order to promote DISH, but spammers are a slippery bunch, and they always find a way around the barriers that are placed in front of them. If you receive and unsolicited e-mail message from someone promoting DISH, it’s likely they they are violating DISH’s terms, as well as breaking the law by violating the CAN-SPAM act.

Yes, I Really Was A DISH Customer!

Here’s something else I’d like to make very clear. Sure, I get paid when someone signs up for DISH after clicking through one of my links or calling the toll-free number, but, everything I have written on this site is the truth. Yes, I really was a DISH customer for 16 years. I am no longer a DISH subscriber, but there’s actually a very good reason for it which you can learn about here.

In fact, the reason I decided to create this site was because I actually did love my DISH service, and since I had it for quite a long time, and know a bit about it, I decided one day that I would build this site and see what happens. I can’t tell you how shocked I was when someone actually ordered DISH through one of my links for the first time! I set the site up a few years ago as part of another site I had (it was a lot smaller then) as kind of an experiment, and did not really think much would come of it.

But make no mistake. What I do working online is a job. It is not — as some spam e-mail messages and late-night informercials would have you believe — just a matter of slapping a site up on the net and settling back to watch the cash roll in. You know the old saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

There is quite a learning curve involved with this business, especially if you are not computer savvy. There’s plenty of competition out there, especially in the satellite TV business, so you can’t just expect to be successful just because you have put a site on the web. There’s a whole lot more to it than that!

The reality of it is that I spend much more time “at work” now than I used to when I worked for a big computer company. The big difference is that I hated working for a big company and sitting in a cubicle all day, but I love what I do now. The result is that I work many more hours than I ever have, but I really like it, so it does not really seem like “work” to me like my old job did.

Anyway, I’m basically just a regular guy in North Carolina who makes his living doing stuff like this after I got laid off from a big computer company a few years ago. Want to check out my story? Go to my contact page and feel free to contact me and ask me anything you like. But please, if you are already a DISH customer, call DISH directly and have them help you. I am an independent business person and I do not work for DISH. I do not feel qualified or comfortable giving advice or answering questions for existing customers.

Will This Kind of Transparency Hurt My Business?

There is a lot of disagreement among people who do this for a living about whether or not it’s a good idea to tell people exactly how these sites work. Since we seem to be living in a time where honesty is an endangered species, I decided to let it all hang out, so to speak.

Mr. TransparencySome say that people are less likely to order a product if they know someone is being paid to promote it. I don’t know if that’s true, but when it comes right down to it, what I’m doing is not much different from any other business advertising their products or services.

You may see lower prices on other sites for satellite TV, but some people like to play games with numbers, and you could end up with an unwelcome surprise when you find that out the hard way. Always be sure what you are agreeing to when you sign up for any type of service and understand what you are being charged and why.

That’s it in a nutshell, as they say. Again, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have if you are considering subscribing to DISH. You won’t get any high-pressure sales tactics or anything like that from me. You ask questions, and I’ll answer them as best I can. That’s it. And I don’t bite. I promise!