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The Latest DISH News Updated Automatically

On this page you will find up-to-date DISH News. This content comes from various news feeds on the internet such as radio and television web sites, and other major news outlets. It is updated automatically, and is not dependent on me taking the time to update it manually.

There does seem to be a lot of news that comes out relating in some way or another to DISH, sometimes referred to using the lesser-known name, EchoStar Corporation, which was once DISH’s parent company, but is now some type of holding company that was spun off from DISH, and is involved in things other than satellite broadcasting these days.

Oftentimes there is news about various deals that DISH is making with programming providers or networks, as well as items regarding new programming packages, new equipment and new DISH offers that will be available. This news is not changed or edited in any way and is presented just as it appears at the original source.

Note to DISH subscribers: If you’re seeking information about an outage or other service interruption and cannot reach DISH by phone, check their Twitter feed: