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DISH Network Rates 2017

When it comes to DISH Network rates in 2017, you are likely to find that they are pretty competitive among pay-TV providers, including other satellite TV providers like DirecTV as well as cable TV companies like Comcast. In my experience, cable TV was always more expensive than satellite, but to be honest, I have not been following cable TV rates for a long time since I have been a satellite TV customer for about 18 years. I really never even considered going back to cable TV since I have been quite happy with satellite TV.

The truth about “rates” is that they can be kind of tricky when you start considering the details. The rates you normally see advertised for services like satellite and cable TV might best be viewed as a “starting point.” In other words, most subscribers are not going to pay the amount that they see advertised and there are some pretty good reasons for that.

Subscribers almost always have to make a choice about what kind of equipment they want to use with their service. As you might expect, the more capable the equipment is, the more it will cost per month. Choosing a plain old receiver instead of a DVR is going to be less expensive and will help keep the monthly bill lower. Then there is the number of receivers or DVRs to consider. It’s pretty obvious to almost anyone that ordering two receivers or DVRs with your subscription is going to cost more than just having one.

You are probably starting to get an idea why the prices you see advertised for services do not usually match what you actually pay. If DISH Network was going to make sure everyone was able to see exactly what they would pay for service each month they would practically have to write a book! That’s because the rate is going to be affected by a number of choices that the subscriber will make. It would not be practical to list every single price for every possible combination of programming packages, premium channels, receivers and DVRs! And don’t forget about all the taxes that the federal and local governments tack on to the cost that will always add to the price you pay every month.

That is the reason you see those “starting point” rates advertised for the various available programming packages. The price you pay pretty much has to end up being more than what’s listed just when you consider the taxes alone. Taxes are likely to vary from location to location so just think of how many potential combinations there are for subscriptions and equipment in various locations all over the country. For example, two subscribers with identical subscriptions and equipment living in different locations may not be paying the same amount for the service each month because of the differences in taxes from one location to another.

It’s understandable that consumers may get a bit upset when they go online to check rates or see a rate advertised on a television commercial and then find out that they will end up paying more when they make the call to order the service. While it might be easy to get upset at one particular company, it’s useful to know that this will be the case with every satellite TV or cable TV provider. Most consumers have probably had some experience with these matters and realize that advertised prices for these services are starting points that are often useful when comparing one service plan to another.

With those important factors in mind, here are the 2017 rates for the most popular DISH Network programming packages.

DISH Flex Pack™Over 50 Channels And Your Choice of Channel PacksBuild Your Own Package!$39.99 Per Month For 24 Months
America's Top 120+™Over 190 ChannelsGreat Sports Programming!$54.99 Per Month For 24 Months.
America's Top 200™Over 240 ChannelsGreat Package For Movie Lovers!$64.99 Per Month For 24 Months
America's Top 250™Over 290 ChannelsThe Ultimate in TV Entertainment!$74.99 Per Month For 24 Months.
DISHLATINO® ClásicoOver 180 ChannelsSports, movies , music, news, and entertainment for the whole family!$29.99 Per Month For 24 Months
DISHLATINO® PlusOver 190 ChannelsThe Same As DishLATINO® Clásico With 10 additional English Language Channels.$35.99 Per Month For 24 Months
DISHLATINO® DosOver 225 ChannelsGreat Lineup of Both Spanish And English Language Channels!$54.99 Per Month For 24 Months
DISHLATINO® MaxOver 270 ChannelsSpanish And English Programming Including ESPN, TNT, History, Animal Planet And TBS!$64.99 Per Month For 24 Months

All offers require credit qualification, 24 month commitment with early termination fee and eAutopay.

One of the latest editions to DISH Network’s programming packages is the Flex Packwhich allows subscribers to save money by choosing fewer channels for their programming package. Cable and satellite television subscribers have been complaining for years about a limited number of bloated programming packages to choose from that included many channels that they had no interest in watching. Subscribers have long felt that they have been paying for a lot of channels that they never watch and have wanted to be able to choose all the channels that they want and eliminate those they do not want. Making service selections that way is often referred to as a la carte.

While it cannot be said that DISH’s new Flex Packembraces all that is good about a la carte, it is definitely a step in the right direction. It gives subscribers the option to avoid channel-heavy traditional programming packages that may contain hundreds of channels and choose something that gives them fewer than 100 channels and saves them money.

Although it’s great that DISH offers this new way to choose programming, the channels that are available are still purchased in “packs,” meaning that you cannot purchase a single channel at a time to add to your programming package. That ability is the ultimate dream for a lot of cable and satellite TV subscribers but we aren’t there quite yet. That may happen some day in the future but a lot of things will have to change before that dream becomes a reality.

With the way the television industry is changing these days, it is likely that we will be seeing more customer-friendly choices and options in the near future. Cable and satellite TV providers are likely to make changes that customers demand if they want to stay competitive.