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ViP 622 DVR

The DISH ViP 622 is the DVR that I had in my own home and had used since around the beginning of 2007. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the newer SlingLoaded DVRs have, but since I don’t travel a lot, I didn’t really have a need to watch TV remotely.

Like any other DVR, the ViP 622 has a built-in hard drive that’s pretty much identical to the type you will find in your computer. That, combined with two satellite receivers and one over-the-air receiver built in, make the 622 a very versatile DVR.

I often found myself recording two programs at the same time while I watch another program that had been previously recorded. This is possible due to the two satellite receivers which allow the 622 to receive two different satellite channels at the same time.

The OTA or over-the-air receiver that’s built in allows the 622 to be connected to a conventional television antenna and enable it to receive your local broadcast television channels. It will automatically search for any local TV channels in your area and allow you to watch and record programs that are aired locally as well.

Another feature of the 622 that I used for a while was its ability to feed programming to another television that can be located elsewhere in your home and connected via coaxial cable. The additional TV will not be able to receive HD programming but you can watch programs in standard-definition. The IR/UHF remote control that comes with the 622 has a much greater range than a standard remote, so you can use it to control the additional TV even if it is not in the same room as the DVR. This capability, of course, will vary according to distance and obstructions between the additional TV and the DVR. In my case, I had an additional TV one floor below where the DVR was located and it worked fine.

Using the ViP 622 is quite easy. The on-screen programming guide displays all programming that is available according to your DISH programming package and from there you can select programs to watch or record. You can also get information about programs such as whether they are new or repeats, a synopsis of the program, ratings, critiques and original air date.

The Benefits of The DVR

Whether or not you decide to get a DVR or a standard receiver depends on your TV viewing habits. If you watch a lot of television and find yourself spending a lot of time in front of the TV, a receiver might be sufficient. There may not be a need for you to record television programs if you spend a lot of your free time watch television anyway.

For someone like myself, who does not spend a great deal of time watching TV, a DVR is very handy since I can just set it up to record the programs I want to watch and watch them at my leisure. I am also a big fan of the fast-forward or “jump forward” feature, which makes it quick and easy to skip over programming I am not interested in, such as commercials.

I generally watch two or three hours of television at night before I go to bed. I’m working during the day and often don’t sit down to watch television until 8:00 or 9:00 at night. Many people are busy with jobs and family responsibilities, which can make it hard to watch their favorite programs when they actually air. That is the main benefit of a DVR as far as I am concerned.

Sometimes I don’t get around to watching the programs I have recorded for quite a while. At one point I had about 15 episodes of a program recorded on my DVR. I eventually managed to find time to watch them. I never reached the maximum storage capacity of my DVR, but I’ve come close. It is possible to connect an external hard drive if you want to increase the storage capacity of your ViP 622 DVR.

Technical Details: Specifications

For those who are interested in technical information like specifications, here are the some of the details for the DISH ViP 622 DVR:

Video Formats: MPEG-4 and MPEG-2
Recording capacity: Up to 200 hours of standard-definition, Up to 30 hours of high-definition
Number of Satellite Tuners: 2
Digital over-the-air tuner: NTSC, ATSC
TVs supported: 2
TV1: HDTV or SDTV (4801, 480p, 720p, 1080i)
TV2: SDTV (480i)
HDTV digital audio/video outputs: (HDMI x1, Component Video x1)
Two USB 2.0 ports allow connection to external storage device
Ethernet port (program guide downloads and on demand programming downloads)
Parental locks
On-screen Caller ID with history
Up to 9-day electronic program guide
Software upgradable via satellite
Remote controls: 2 (1 IR (Infrared) and 1 UHF Pro)
Dimensions (approx.): H: 3.5″ x W: 16″ x D: 13″
Weight (approx.): 11 lbs.
Color: Silver

Rear View:
Rear View of DISH Network ViP 622 DVR