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ViP 922 DVR

One of the features of the ViP 922 DVR that sets is apart from many others is its ability to provide subscribers with “TV Everywhere.” This technology makes the DVR a sort of entertainment distribution device and not just a box that provides TV entertainment in the home.

The DVR is a pretty amazing device alone, but with features that allow it to distribute programming content to remote devices really takes it up a notch and combines the power of DISH’s satellite programming distribution system with the internet.

The ViP 922 has a hard drive built in which stores an impressive amount of recorded programming. With a capacity of 1 terabyte, users can store as much as 1,000 hours of programming. Now that’s a lot of sporting events, soap operas, movies, dramas or whatever other kind of programming you prefer! And it’s all available when you want it, so you can watch your favorite programs according to your schedule and not the broadcaster’s.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of recording programs with a DVR. It’s nothing like the old VCR programming interfaces where you had to worry about the channel, the start time and the end time. That’s if you could even get the clock set to the right time, which seems to have been something that gave a lot of VCR users a headache back in those days.

With the DVR, the on-screen program guide makes it very easy to just select the programs you want to record from the list and then decide if you want to record them once, every time they are on, or only new episodes. It’s light years ahead of the VCR, although it was revolutionary when it was first introduced, and I sure did my share of recording on those bulky old tapes!

So What Is SlingLoaded Anyway?

SlingLoaded is DISH’s technology that allows the ViP 922 DVR to “sling” its programming content out over the internet to be viewed on other devices. For example, you could be sitting at a computer at a friend’s house and take control of your DVR at home and watch programming that you have recorded on your DVR or other programming that is being broadcast at that time.

You can do pretty much the same thing with web-enabled mobile devices like cell phones and enjoy access to all the programming on your DVR without wires. This makes it easy to understand the meaning of phrases like “TV Everywhere,” since you can access your DVR and its programming from any place you are able to access the internet.

Although I tend to be more traditional about my television viewing and prefer my recliner and big-screen HDTV in my living room, a whole new generation of consumers is now becoming very accustomed to viewing video content on the internet. The popularity of sites like YouTube has exploded over the last few years, making video-over-the-internet an activity that many users are spending much of their online time on.

As you may suspect, to use the SlingLoaded features, you will need to have your ViP 922 connected to the internet via a broadband internet connection.

Great Reviews by Tech Experts

DISH DVRs are considered best among many tech experts and the ViP 922 has earned excellent reviews from respected tech-oriented publications like PC Magazine, which rated the ViP 922 “Very Good” in a review that was published on August 16, 2010.

I don’t consider myself a “tech expert,” and since I have the ViP 622, I cannot speak from personal experience where the 922 is concerned, but I have been quite happy with my 622. Since I really would not take advantage of all the features of the 922, the 622 meets my needs quite well. As a bit of a homebody, I don’t really have a need to have TV programming on the go, so the SlingLoaded feature is not really something I am interested in.

The Geeky Stuff: Specifications

Although most consumers probably ignore those pages at the back of the user manual where the “technical specifications” are usually found for various electronic devices, there are those that have an interest in those kinds of things.

The ViP 922 DVR technical specifications include:

Video Formats: MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
Number of Satellite Tuners: 2
HD Resolutions: 720p, 1080i, 1080p (on tuner “TV1” only)
SD Resolutions: 480i and 480p on “TV1”; 480i on “TV2”
Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB (Terabyte)
Program Guide Length: Up to nine days
Approximate Size: 3.5 inches X 16 inches X 12.5 inches
Approximate Weight: 11.2 pounds
Color: Black
USB Ports: 2 (Version 2.0)
HDMI Output: Yes
HD Component Output: Yes
S-Video Output: No
RCA A/V Outputs: 1 For Each Tuner
Remote Control: Two supplied (UHF)

Rear View: