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Arabic TV Programming

DISH’s selection of Arabic programming offers many choices including Arabic MBC, Al Jazeera, Dubai TV, and Future TV.

As many smart satellite TV viewers already know, nobody beats DISH when it comes to international programming offers for the U.S. market, and Arabic television programming is certainly no exception! You’ll find a rich selection of programming available to choose from that is offered in a variety of programming packages.

The Arabic Elite Super Pack is a programming package that features the most popular channels from the Arab world and showcases the most-watched programs including sports, dramas, news, comedy, talk shows, movies, kids’ shows and a lot more. This is the top-of-the line Arabic programming bundle available on DISH and is offered at a very affordable monthly rate.

Other packages don’t offer a channel selection quite as robust as the Elite Super Pack but still offer a lot of great Arabic programming for viewers that may be a bit more budget-conscious. These packages include the Arabic Elite Pack and Arabic Enhanced Pack. Some channels are available as add-on channels for subscribers that already have a qualifying international programming package, such as Arabic Music, Arabic Iqraa, Arabic Noursat, and Arabic Aghapy TV.

Some of the more popular channels that are available in Arabic include Art America, which offers North American viewers a wide variety of mostly entertainment-focused programming. Offerings include drama, sports, mini-series, children’s and music programming. Art is committed to providing programming that embodies the culture of the Arabic-speaking countries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MBC TV is another very popular Arabic channel available to the North American audience that is broadcast from Washington, D.C. This 24-hour, seven-day-a-week channel broadcasts news, talk shows, music, soap operas, comedy, movies and variety programming.

Al Arabia TV focuses on news and current affairs programming and prides itself on presenting fair and objective views of news and world events.By striving to stick to the facts and steer clear of sensationalism, Al Arabia has established itself as a credible source of news and information for Arabic-speaking people in North America.

BBC Arabic, The BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation is known the world over for their ability to deliver up-to-the-minute news from all across the globe. This Arabic-language channel is available to DISH viewers in North America and provides around-the-clock news, finance and business programming that is backed by decades of broadcast expertise that only the BBC can provide.

Dream 2 comes to North America directly from Egypt and is available 24 hours a day. Entertainment is the name of the game on Dream 2 and viewers will be presented with a wide-ranging variety of comedy and drama series, documentaries, movies, religious programming, sports, chat shows, children’s programs and news.

Melody Classic is the place for movies and features a diverse offering of theatrical productions that will keep even the most dedicated movie lover entertained.

Channel information subject to change at the discretion of DISH at any time and may differ from this listing.

For more information or to order, call 866-537-9648.

aes Arabic Elite Super Pack $39.99
ael Arabic Elite Pack $29.99
aen Arabic Enhanced $24.99

Available Channels

Al Jazeera Mubasher (AJMUB)
OSN Ya Hala International (OSNYH)
TEN Egypt (10EGY)
ART Aflam 1 (ARTA1)
Al Arabiya (ALARA)
ART America (ART)
ART Cinema (ARTCN)

ART Hekayat 1 (ARTH1)
ART Hekayat 2 (ARTH2)

Melody Aflam (MLDYA)


Melody Classic (MLDYC)
Rotana America (ROTAN)

Nile Drama (NILE)

Dream 2 (DREAM)
ART Aflam 2 (ARTA2)
Al Nahar (ANDRM)
Al-Quran Al- Karim (AQAK)
Murr Television (MURTV)
Al Hayah 1 (ALHY1)
ART Movies (ARTMV)
LBC Satellite (LBCS)
ESC - 1 (ESC - 1)
Future TV (FUTUR)
Al Nahar (ALNHR)
New Television (NEWTV)
Al Yawm (ALYWM)
MBC Kids (MBC3)
Al Jazeera (ALJAZ)
BBC Arabic (BBCAR)BBC Arabic (BBCAR)
EuroNews (EURNS)
beIN Sport (BEIN)