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Chinese TV Programming

All The Best Chinese TV Entertainment In One Package

V TVBy incorporating music and variety-show formats, Channel [V] has captured the youth audience with its innovative programming mix. As well as screening the latest chart-topping music videos, the channel also counts down the hits, provides updates on the biggest stars and offers a unique range of reality series, game shows and variety programs. Popular programs offered by Channel [V] includes "Blackie's Teenage Club," "Lollipop", "Fashion in House," "Chinese Top 20," "Circus Action 3," and "[V] Concert."
STAR Chinese ChannelStar Chinese channel, the syndicated home entertainment channel tailor-made for the Mandarin audience, has long been recognized by the Asian countries with multifarious programs provided, including games, interviews, contemporary dramas, cartoon animations, historical dramas and the most favorite variety shows in Asia. Star Chinese channel's superb original production includes programs such as "Gossip Queen," "Mature Ladies' Club," "Bingo Pool," "Mahjong Fortune," "Lucky Star," "KUSO Kitchen," "Will Show," "Campus Beauty Queen" and more.
STAR Chinese Movies 2Star Chinese Movies 2 brings viewers some of the best Chinese movies from the 1970's to 1990's. With access to the world's largest contemporary Chinese film library, Star Chinese Movies 2 screens movies that helped define Hong Kong's golden years in filmmaking, including box-office hits and award-winning blockbusters from celebrated filmmakers John Woo, Johnny To and Tsui Hark, featuring megastars Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chow Yun Fat and Stephen Chow. This channel offers exclusive movies such as Center Stage, Rouge, An Autumn's Tale, City Hunter and more.
CTS TVCTS broadcasts daily news reports, drama and variety shows, mini-series, news magazines, children's programs and Chinese operas. CTS drama programs include Mandarin and Taiwanese soap operas, mini-series and Taiwanese operas. The Mandarin drama serials "Judge Bao" and "Judge Shih" all became the highest rated shows nationwide during their broadcast runs.
CTV TVCTV broadcasts 24 hours of programs, including news, drama series and variety shows. CTV produces a wide range of programs to meet every viewer's need, such as Mandarin drama series, Taiwanese drama series, entertainment, and educational and children's shows. CTV America Channel currently broadcasts some of the best-rated CTV programs such as "About Romance" and "Tour In China." CTV also broadcasts a global news segment called "CTV Daily News," providing current and popular news segments, such as "Exploring the News" and "CTV Good Morning News."
ET China TVET China features the best of programs produced by television stations in such major media markets as Shandong, Jiangsu and Chongqing and the lineup includes drama, variety, cultural and travel programs designed to appeal to Mandarin speakers born in China who now live in the U.S. A SuperDISH antenna will be required in order to receive this programming.
ET Drama TV
ET Drama is a Mandarin channel devoted to Chinese made-for-television dramas. The program mix includes great love stories, outstanding dramatic productions from the broader Asian-region, as well as fantastic classic television series.
ET Global TV
ET Global is a Mandarin general entertainment channel tailor-made for the Chinese audience in North America with a wide variety of programming. The program lineup includes U.S. news, a widely popular celebrity talk program about a fortune teller, an English-language learning series, made-for-television dramas and more.
ET News TV
ET News, as a 24-hour Mandarin news channel, features daily reports from the United States' most comprehensive Chinese-language TV news gathering team. The news rotates throughout the day with successive one-hour editions of U.S. News, World News, Asia News and Taiwan domestic bulletins.
Jet TV International TV
JET TV International, a Japanese channel with Mandarin subtitles, marks the profound interest in and influence of Japanese fashions, trends, scenic spots, customs and culture among Chinese-speakers of all ages. JET TV International offers travelogues, culinary expeditions, urban dramas and much more.
SETI is a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-per-week channel broadcasted in both the Mandarin and Taiwanese languages. As the top rated cable network in Taiwan, SETI focuses on modern Taiwanese society, culture and lifestyle, airing news from Taiwan, documentaries, drama/series, as well as variety, music, cooking and game shows.
Sky Link TV-2
Sky Link TV-2 is a 24-hour Mandarin Chinese channel providing top-rated drama series from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Korea in different categories, such as historical, contemporary, romance, comedy and kung-fu fighting, as well as popular variety shows, music and life style programs.
Sky Link TVSky Link TV is a 24-hour Mandarin Chinese general entertainment channel tailor-made for the Chinese audience in North America with a wide variety of programming. The program lineup includes top-rated, most popular Chinese and Korean dramas, immediate news from China and Taiwan, local-produced news that is customized for Chinese American audiences, popular political commentary programs, variety and talk shows from Taiwan and China.
TTV offers entertainment programming suitable for the whole family. Many of the shows carried by this network focus on education as well. The setting and themes vary, but history, legend and "real life" dramas are common. TTV airs classic Chinese shows and also currently broadcasts 37 hours of news programming per week. The flagship program is "TTV Evening news," rated the number one local news program.
YOYO TV is the world's only 24-hour Mandarin channel exclusively devoted to Chinese-speaking children up to 7 years of age. YOYO TV features 1,000 hours of world-renowned educational cartoons from all over the world.
iCable TV
iCable brings you the fastest and most reliable entertainment news reported in Cantonese from Hong Kong. The channel presents 24-hour nonstop broadcasting of up-to-the-minute entertainment news updates with correspondents around the world and exclusive Pop Star interviews. It also features contemporary dramas as well as cooking and around the world travel programs.
ATV Home Channel
A leading Cantonese television channel from Hong Kong, ATV Home Channel (America) provides a full range of television entertainment to Chinese communities throughout the United States. This channel broadcasts the best and most up-to-date cultural and current events from Hong Kong. The latest dramas, movies, talk shows, news, current affairs and children's entertainment are all part of this fantastic channel.
Beijing TV
Beijing TV (BTV) broadcasts Mandarin Chinese programming 24-hours-a-day focusing primarily on culture, history, fashion, lifestyle, travel, sport, children, technology and entertainment. Beijing TV's programming shares the excitement and changes in the dynamic city of Beijing with the U.S.
CCTV-4 provides millions of Chinese Americans in the U.S. with great Mandarin Chinese programming packed with news, documentaries, talk shows and much more.
CCTV-9, an English-language Chinese channel, offers the country the best window into China and its culture. CCTV-9's programming mainly includes news reports, while also featuring cultural and entertainment programs.
CCTV Entertainment
CCTV-Entertainment, broadcast in Mandarin Chinese, has a fantastic range of entertainment programming including TV dramas, music and dance programs, Chinese opera, folk arts, Chinese acrobatic shows as well as gala presentations and much more.
CCTV Opera
CCTV-Opera, broadcast in Mandarin Chinese, meets the demands of Chinese Opera lovers from around the world featuring Peking Operas as well broadcasting other first-class local operas.
China Movie Channel
The China Movie Channel (CMC) features various movies from classics to the latest blockbusters in a variety of genres including historical movies, comedies, operas and documentaries in Mandarin Chinese.
CYRTV, broadcast in Mandarin Chinese, primarily features programs related to teaching and training. Apart from Chinese-language learning programs, CYRTV introduces Chinese traditional culture to the U.S. with programs covering Chinese chess, painting, poems, operas, local dancing, music, Chinese antiques and Chinese cuisine and cooking. CYRTV also has programming on Chinese Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine.
Dragon TV
Dragon TV provides more than 6 hours of news programming a day. Dragon TV's wide range of Mandarin Chinese programming reflects China's modern urban lifestyle with entertainment shows, sports shows and English programs filled with modern international influences, all spiced up with Shanghai's unique urban style.
Fujian Straits TV
Fujian Straits TV highlights the unique characteristics of the overseas Chinese culture. Fujian Straits TV's programming includes news, entertainment, sports, financial information and much more broadcast in Fujianese dialect.
Guangdong Southern TV
Guangdong Southern TV (TVS) is a special news and entertainment Chinese-language channel broadcast in Cantonese dialect. Guangdong Southern TV's programming includes news and information, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and TV dramas.
Hunan Satellite TV
Hunan Satellite TV (HTV) is a very popular provincial Mandarin Chinese and mainly features entertainment and informational programs. Hunan Satellite TV captures the pulse and essence of city living in China and captures audiences of all ages. Hunan Satellite TV is the market leader in Chinese entertainment and information in China.
Jiangsu International Channel
Jiangsu International Channel showcases the "Wuyue" culture along the southern Yangtse River, home to one of China's most economically developed regions. Jinagsu International Channel's programming includes news, economic, entertainment, showbiz, education, TV dramas, cultural and travel programs. Jiangsu International Channel is broadcast 24-hours-a-day in Mandarin Chinese and provides 6 hours of new programs each day.
Pacvia TV broadcasts a selection of Mandarin Chinese TV dramas produced in the Chinese mainland 24-hours-a-day.
Phoenix InfoNews
Phoenix InfoNews is the first-ever foreign satellite channel delivering independent financial news and current affairs in Mandarin Chinese 24-hours-a-day. This newly launched channel by Phoenix TV closely follows what's new in China. Phoenix InfoNew's programming includes compelling worldwide financial reports, live coverage of critical events and relevant commentaries on timely and compelling topics of the day.
Phoenix North America Chinese Channel
Phoenix North America Chinese Channel provides the latest news and entertainment television from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries in the Asian Pacific region, 24-hours-a-day. Broadcast primarily in Mandarin, this Chinese-language channel delivers a complete variety of television entertainment, including movies, dramas, talk shows, game shows, family and children's programming, documentaries and live news.