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Israeli TV Programming

Stay On Top All The Important Issues In Isreal With This Great Package

Israeli Global One TVIsrael Global One is one of the most unique Hebrew-language TV channels ever created. Providing content from the Israeli Broadcasting Authority ('Rashut Hashidur'), Israel Global One addresses cultural and educational needs of Hebrew-speaking families living in the Israeli Diaspora in the United States. The channel also broadcasts films, serials, concerts, children's programming and other shows that the Hebrew-speaking audience is familiar with. Thousands of hours of unique programming created by Israel's top directors and producers will showcase Israel's best performers, singers and actors of all time. The channel consists of materials that have historical and authentic value for Hebrew-speaking audiences around the world.
Israeli Movie Channel TVThe Israeli Movie Channel showcases some of the greatest Israeli films and movies of all times. The channel features the best comedies, musicals, dramas and blockbusters featuring some of the hottest Israeli stars such as: Amos Lavi, Nitza Shaul, Arnon Zadok, Sharon Alexander, Mohamad Bakri, Boaz Sharabi, Yehuda Barkan, Ofra Haza, Gabi Amerani, Michal Zoartz, Asi Dayan, Hanna Maron, Sefi Rivelin, Zipi Shavit, Yigal Shilon, Dubi Gal, and many more.
The Israeli NetworkThe Israeli Network is the only 24-hour-a-day Hebrew-language TV channel featuring the best of Israeli TV to viewers in the U.S. The Israeli Network highlights selected shows from Israel's leading channels such as Channel One, Channel Two, Sports Channels and Hop TV for kids as well as showcasing educational and cultural programs about Israel and the Israeli culture. The children's programs offer a unique opportunity to enrich your child's life with a Jewish education and help them embrace and learn about the Israeli and Jewish cultures.
The Israeli NetworkIsraKids is all about the kids. It's the first channel to broadcast Israeli content for children 24-hours-a-day to the United States. IsraKids has an interactive element to it with programming that encourages kids to participate by sending e-mails, instant messages and calling in to daily live programs. IsraKids is great for keeping kids engaged and in touch with culture and tradition, as well as the goings-on and trends in Israel.
The Israeli NetworkGood Life Israel presents a wide variety of programming which includes content featuring travel, cooking, Israeli music, design and health. This lifestyle-oriented channel features shows with Israeli celebrities, renowed chefs, health professionals, travel guides and a host of other noted authorities on the varied subjects presented.