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South Asian TV Programming

Great South Asian TV Packages From DISH

South Asian television programming is a fast-growing segment of programming currently being offered to pay-TV subscribers in the United States. This allows people who have come to the U.S. from countries in South Asia to feel connected with their homeland each time they turn on the television. DISH offers and impressive line-up of programming from South Asian countries and includes the region’s most popular TV channels and programs.

South Asian programming gives viewers access to television programs from countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and features content that includes films from Bollywood, dramas, documentary films and sports programming.

South Asian TV packages are available that feature the prominent languages of the South Asia region, including Bangla, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Many of the most popular channels available to viewers in South Asian countries are available, including Zee TV, PTC Chak De, ARY Digital, NTV, Udaya, Asianet, VIJAY International, and Maa TV.

Zee TV
Zee TV, broadcast in Hindi and other regional languages from India broadcasts hours of great entertainment and news. See Gurbani from the Golden Temple daily. Zee TV is the only channel to include daily news feeds in Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati from the sub-continent and other programs as well.
Zee TV
Zee Business is a rapidly-expanding business channel that is based in Mumbai. Much like news channels in the west such as CNN and Fox News, Zee Business is a 24-hour channel that provides viewers with a unique perspective on South Asian business issues. Zee Business joined DISH's international offerings in August, 2011.
Zee TV
Zee Kannada offers its audience a diverse selection of programming that is broadcast in the Kannada language. Viewers can expect to find broadcasts that include game shows, talk shows, movies, series, soap operas and other entertainment. Zee Kannada was made available on DISH during August of 2011.
Zee TV
Zee Marathi caters to those who speak the Marathi language of India which is in use mostly in western and central regions of the country. Zee Marathi is said to be the most-watched TV channel among Mumbai residents and carries programming such as dramas, movies and reality-based programming. Like four of its sister stations, it was first brought to DISH during August, 2011.
Zee TV
Zee Smile is all about the laughs. It's a 24-hour comedy channel that was originally launched as Smile TV during 2004. It was later renamed to Zee Smile during 2005 and was made available to DISH subscribers during August, 2011. It shares some programming with Zee TV and has its own offerings of original programming.
Zee TV
Zing is primarily a music channel that has expanded its offerings since its inception to include animated programming, comedy, fashion and celebrity features. First launched in 1997 as Music Asia, the channel has seen changes through its lifetime and is now recognized as one of the primary sources of information on the South Asian entertainment scene. Zing was first offered on DISH in August of 2011.
Star India One
STAR India ONE has an innovative, diverse mix of Hindi television entertainment and cutting edge production values that appeal to urban, upwardly mobile Indian audiences. STAR India ONE has a wide assortment of entertainment shows across a range of entertainment genres like comedy, drama, action / thriller, youth, lifestyle and game shows, as well as original made for television movies. Popular shows include Pari Hoon Main, Dill Mill Gaye, Choona Hai Assman and Funjabbi Chak De - a popular comedy show hosted by Navjot Singh Sidhu and Mandira Bedi.
Aaj Tak TV
Aaj Tak is the #1 rated 24-hour Hindi-language news channel in India. Aaj Tak has earned the tag line "Nation's Best News Channel" due to its aggressive journalism and cutting edge reporting. Aaj Tak's wide array of news programming includes daily new bulletins on "Aaj Subaha" and "10tak," politics, sports, business, entertainment, international coverage and much more.
Adithya TV
Adithya TV is a round-the-clock Tamil comedy channel that is part of the Sun TV family of channels. In addition to comedy, Adithya also plays Telugu music originating from Tollywood.
Asian FM Radio
Asian FM is a 24-hour South Asian entertainment radio channel bringing you the best Desi sounds from the subcontinent in crystal clear digital quality. On Asian FM you can listen to the latest tunes, including regional language programs in Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil and more. Asian FM's radio jockeys will bring you closer to home with requests, dedications, engaging celebrity interviews, talk shows, live concerts and local, national and international news updates throughout the day.
B4U Movies
B4U Movies is the ultimate channel for South Asian music and movies, broadcast 24-hours-a-day. This fantastic channel offers blockbuster movies, serials and music videos to audiences of all ages.
B4U Music
B4U Music is a hip and funky 24-hour global music channel. B4U Music's programming includes the biggest musical hits from the latest Bollywood movies, the Bollywood music charts, exclusive star studded interviews, non-stop dance floor hits from both the U.S. and Europe's South Asian music scene, interactive request shows and much more.
Headlines Today
Headlines Today, a 24-hour English-language news channel broadcast from India, provides excellent news coverage of India and the world. Headlines Today programming is geared to the young, on-the-move, urban, English-speaking audience. Headlines Today features power packed daily news segments like "Headstart," which provides an update on politics, business and sports, hourly live updates of the stock market on "Sensex Today," and much more.
Sahara One
Sahara One, India's premiere 24-hour Hindi general entertainment channel brings you the ultimate in entertainment. Programming on Sahara One includes daily soaps starring Bollywood celebrities, mega movies from Bollywood, popular children's shows, game shows, thrillers, talk shows, style and fashion, live call in shows and much more. Sahara One also covers special events like the Sahara Sangeet Awards, Mr. & Miss Bollywood, Indian Divas and the Mrs. World beauty pageant.
Gemini Television
Gemini Comedy is a comedy channel from Sun TV that delivers a variety of comedy and entertainment programming 24 hours a day. Programming includes shows such as "Phata PhatDhana Dhan," "Jokes Zone" and "Comedy Talkies."
Sahara Samay
Sahara Samay, the news as it happens. Now broadcasting live in the U.S., Sahara Samay is one of India's leading 24-hour national Hindi news channels. Sahara Samay's news programming includes current affairs, politics, sports, entertainment, business, national and regional news, horoscopes, fitness, yoga and much more.
Set Max TV
SET Max, a Hindi-language channel is one of the top rated movie and events channel in India. SET Max brings you the biggest and the best of Bollywood movies in their weekly specials "Maha Movies," "Super Cinema," and "Mera Movie." You can also see the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies dubbed in Hindi on "Promise Hollywood Hungama." SET Max's programming also includes behind the scenes look at the Bollywood buzz in their popular magazine show "Current Bollywood" hosted by Shweta Kwatra.
Sony Entertainment Television Asia
A Hindi-language channel providing a multitude of high-quality, family-based entertainment for members of every generation. Programs includes family dramas, action-packed thrillers, lifestyle programs, game shows, live concerts and talk shows. Sony Entertainment Television Asia also offers a variety of cricket matches. Tune in today!
TV Asia
Broadcast 24-hours-a-day, TV Asia offers incredible television that includes news, education, dramas, music and movies in Hindi, English and Gujarati languages. Locally produced programs are also aired for your viewing pleasure.
Kiran TV
Kiran TV is the second Malayalam channel coming from Sun TV and is broadcast from their facility in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. The focus of Kiran TV is music that beams programming to viewers around the clock. The channel also features a movie once a day and plays music from films.
Zee Cinema TV
Zee Cinema is a popular Indian language movie channel and includes the largest privately held Indian video library. Zee Cinema broadcasts black-and-white classic films and contemporary blockbuster Bollywood movies broadcast in Hindi as well as other regional Indian languages.
ATN Bangla TV
ATN Bangla is a 24 hour-a-day Bangla-language news and entertainment channel. ATN Bangla is one of the top rated channels from Bangladesh. ATN Bangla offers a variety of programming including dramas, mini series, musical shows, talk shows, movies, children programs and much more.
Channel-I TV
Channel-i, a Bangla-language channel, offers entertainment for the whole family and was the first digital Bangla channel in Bangladesh. Channel-i, one of the most highly rated Bangla channels, has become very popular among views for its wide range of programming including dramas, mega serials, musical programs, live interactive talk shows, magazine programs, agricultural programs and informative news bulletins broadcast 4 times a day.
NTV Bangla
NTV Bangla, a Bangla-language channel, offers high-quality programming broadcast 24-hours-a-day. NTV Bangla is rated #1 in Bangladesh and is very popular. NTV Bangla offers a variety of programming including news, entertainment, top drama serials like "Sporsher Baire" and "Tin Purush," musical programs, movies, documentaries, children's programs, cultural programs and much more for Bangladeshis in the U.S.
RTV is one of the newest Bangladeshi variety TV channel broadcast from Dhaka and available throughout South East Asia. Since its launch two years ago, it has become one of the most popular entertainment channels in Bangladesh because of its excellent content and high picture quality. The programming includes a rich blend of shows catering to a wide range of viewers. RTV telecasts live news bulletins, drama serials, talk shows, musical showcases, feature films and religious programs.
Sun Music Channel
Sun Music is another offering from South Asian broadcasting powerhouse Sun TV. This 24-hour Tamil music channel features music from Kollywood and also depends heavily on call-in request from viewers who may call in and request songs that are dedicated to loved ones.
Teja TV
Teja TV, a Telugu-language variety channel, offers 24 hours per day of entertainment including three movies a day, news and information, music programs including "Teja New Songs," film based programs, live telecasts of variety shows, and much more. One of Teja TV's major strengths is its news based productions such as crime reports, investigative programs including "Crime Reporter," discussions and interviews with famous personalities. Teja TV also provides its viewers with live coverage of the Andhra Pradesh assembly proceeding in addition to daily live consultation and interaction between farmers and agriculture experts.
Alpha ETC Punjabi
Alpha ETC Punjabi is a 24-hour-a-day Punjabi-language channel broadcast from Noida, India. Alpha ETC Punjabi offers a variety of programming including emotional dramas, cultural and religious programs, music, movies, news, comedies and much more. Also on Alpha ETC Punjabi you can watch "Gurbani," which is broadcast live every morning from the Golden Temple in Amritsar.
KTV, a Tamil-language channel, offers popular serials, countdowns, live shows, classic movies and film entertainment 24 hours a day. KTV's programming includes great series such as "Mangalyam," and music based programming such as "Love Songs," a one hour program featuring a collection of love songs from the latest Tamil movies. Also enjoy information packed weekly updates such as "Comedy Count Down" and "Hollywood Times," a program that reviews the latest Hollywood movies being released in India on KTV.
Surya TV
Surya TV is the most watched Malayalam channel from Kerela (India) and was honored with the Indian Television Academy's award for the best Malayalam television channel for the year 2002. With a balanced programming mix and superior technology, Surya TV delivers its viewers a variety of programs and serials with wonderful content. Surya TV offers the most intriguing and extensive programs focusing on investigative journalism, music, discussions, interviews and current affairs, the latest movies, serials such as "Aalippazham," breakfast shows including "Ponpulari," game shows, women's specials and the kids hour.
Kairali TV
Kairali TV, a fantastic Malayalam-language channel, has a balanced program mix of creativity, information and entertainment. Kairali TV has emerged as an information-rich and viewer favorite channel that entertains and educates the Malayalee population in the United States. Kairali TV's incredible programming includes breaking news, award-winning serials including "Anna," music programs such as "Ragolsavam" and "Symphony," great children's programs and daily talk shows including "Subhadinam". In addition, Kairali TV is the only channel that has news updates by the hour to keep Malayalees living in the U.S. up-to-date on events that occur in Kerela.
Gemini TV
Gemini TV is the most popular and the first Telugu-language satellite channel in Andhra Pradesh (India). Gemini TV includes fantastic programming focusing on blockbuster movies and film-based entertainment including an extensive movie bank, top-rated serials such as "Niney-Pelladutha" and interactive film-based programs. Gemini TV programming also includes a wide range of 11 daily soaps, 19 weekly serials, children's programming, game shows such as "One More Please" and live interactive shows with film stars.
Gemini TV
MH1, one of the leading Punjabi music and entertainment channels, offers wholesome entertainment for the entire family. MH1, an established channel of three years, brings you numerous top-rated shows like Awaaz Punjab Di, Hasde Hasande Ravo, Jot Jale Din Raat, Sarb Sanjhi Gurbani, Rang Punjab de, and Ghuggi Online. This channel also brings to you many successful events like Junoon 2005 and Jalandhar that will give you a true flavor of Punjab and North India. Experience the vibrant colors and rhythms of popular Bhangra and all that Punjabi television entertainment has to offer only with MH1.
Sun TV
Sun TV is the flagship channel of the Sun Network group and the best known Tamil-language programming in India. A general entertainment channel, Sun TV offers blockbuster movies, live news, serials, game shows, music and educational programs around the clock. One of Sun TV's strength is its news. Transmitted three times daily, Sun News is respected for its editorial integrity in which it delivers its news.
Udaya TV
Udaya TV, the very first Kannada satellite channel in India, offers the best in high quality entertainment and information to the Kannada speaking population. Udaya TV's programming includes series and sitcoms such as "Kapi Cheste," "Sumath," game shows such as "Quiz Live" and "Crazy Time" a game show played on the streets where the crowd participates in various games. Also enjoy the morning talk show "Parichaya" a weekly one-on-one interview with anchor Shylaja Santhosh designed to reveal the private lives of public figures in the community in an intimate face to face setting. With a refreshing assortment of family entertainment, films and infotainment Udaya TV has a wonderful mix of programs for Kannadigas in the U.S.
Zee Gujarati
Zee Gujarati, a 24-hour-a-day Gujarati-language channel broadcast from Noida, India, offers wholesome family entertainment. Zee Gujarati showcases an entire spectrum of genres including current affairs, news, festival-based programs, talk shows, serials, movies and much more.