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Introducing dishNET: Your High-Speed ‘Internet Anywhere’ Solution!

Satellite TV and high-speed internet on one convenient bill
Speeds up to 3 times faster than DSL
No overage charges for exceeding your monthly data usage
No activation fee if you bundle with DISH satellite television

With dishNET you can get high speed internet access just about anywhere. DISH Network Internet gives you access to all your favorite sites and services with dependable satellite internet service that you can count on.

Internet service options vary greatly from region to region. Some consumers are fortunate enough to be able to choose between service through their local cable TV provider, telephone provider, satellite internet and even local high-speed wireless service.

Other consumers are not so fortunate and have very limited options for high-speed internet service, or maybe even no options at all that will provide high-speed internet service. Many residents in rural locations fall into that category because cable television is not available and the local telephone company does not offer DSL. That’s not a problem with DISH Network Internet.DISH Network Internet

In many cases, the cable and telephone companies don’t consider it worth the investment to install new lines and equipment to serve just a small number of customers that may be spread over a wide geographic area.

For those without access to “traditional” high-speed internet service such as those offered by cable TV providers or telephone companies, dishNET satellite internet is a great alternative. DISH Network Internet does not rely on wires or cables so it is available just about anywhere.

With more and more consumers choosing to opt out of expensive land line telephone plans and use their cell phones instead these days, dishNET may also be a good solution if no cable internet service or other options are available.

Satellite Internet: The Pros and Cons

Great alternative for consumers without access to cable internet or DSL
‘Always on’ internet service that does not tie up your telephone line
Satellite internet technology has improved greatly in recent years
Data usage caps are generally lower than most cable internet and DSL plans

Although dishNET satellite internet service can be a fantastic alternative for those that don’t have cable or DSL internet available to them, it’s usually not the best option for consumers who do have cable or DSL internet available to them. Although I have DISH Network TV, I have DSL service from my local phone company. Satellite internet like DISH Network Internet is best used by those who cannot get internet access any other way.

Those of us that remember the old dial-up modem days sure learned to appreciate an “always on” internet service like cable or DSL. Fortunately, dishNET offers the same “always on” convenience and does not require using your telephone to dial in to a special number to get access to the internet. Although the dial-up days are a distant memory for me now, there are some people still using dial-up internet and waiting forever for web pages to load.

Satellite internet service has been around for a while, but it took the industry some time to really bring the service to a point where it can truly be called “high-speed.” Early on, satellite internet service was plagued by slow download speeds and very restrictive data usage caps.

Thanks to improvements in technology, satellite internet is now a viable high-speed internet alternative. With download speeds of up to 10 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps, satellite internet now makes it possible to enjoy the internet in its entirety, including watching video, to music and playing online games.

High-speed internet service via cable or DSL is normally the best solution for those that have those options available in their area. Those services are usually faster than satellite internet and offer more flexibility in terms of data usage. For example, dishNET offers 30 GB of data usage per month with their best plan. In comparison, my DSL service offers me 150 GB of data usage per month.

For most consumers, 30GB of data per month is probably more than adequate. If you want a lot of online video or regularly download large files, you might find the 30GB limit restrictive. The good news is that you will not be charged extra if you go over your data usage cap for the month. Instead, your download speed will be reduced for the remainder of the month which is certainly better than having no internet access at all!

I have never exceeded the 150 GB download limit on my DSL service but if I did, the telephone company would start charging me for every additional gigabyte over that limit. That could get pretty expensive if someone was a real heavy-duty downloader or video enthusiast!

What Is dishNET?

The introduction of dishNET is the result of a partnership between DISH and satellite internet providers HughesNet and Viasat. This partnership makes is possible for DISH to offer high-speed satellite internet service to their customers and provide the convenience of including both your internet and satellite television service on the same bill.

In addition, subscribers who also take advantage of one of DISH’s qualifying satellite TV packages get a $10 per month discount on their internet service. This also applies to existing DISH subscribers with a qualifying programming package who sign up for dishNET.

Much the same way satellite television is beamed directly to customers from orbiting satellites, satellite internet subscribers get internet access directly from satellites.

DISH internet should be available virtually anywhere there is an unobstructed path to the satellite. Sometimes trees, buildings or other large obstacles might make it difficult or impossible to receive the satellite signal, and in those cases, it will not be possible to get service.

Subscribers to DISH satellite TV are required to have one of the following programming packages in order to qualify for the $10 dishNET bundle discount: America’s Top 120™ or above, dishLATINO Clasico or above, or DISH America or above.

You don’t have to be a DISH satellite TV subscriber to get dishNET. Anyone looking for satellite internet service can get onboard and start enjoying true high-speed internet access just about anywhere thanks to DISH Network internet.

To place your order or learn more about dishNET, call 866-537-9648 or click here.