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America’s Top 250

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With all the channel’s of the America’s Top 200™ package, America’s Top 250™ adds more than 60 additional channels, including 17 movie channels as well as channels like The Hub and History International Channel.

Home Shopping Network

Home Shopping Network. It might be easy to picture HSN viewers in a specific demographic but you might be surprised to see the wide variety of products that are featured on this channel every day. Just about anyone can find something of interest on HSN and the prices are often hard to beat.


Scene TV.



DishHOME. DishHOME is an easy to use gateway where all current and future Interactive services will be found.


DISH Network FYI

DISH FYI. Thus channel features all kinds of useful information, how-to instructional, tips and other content that will help you get the most out of your DISH system. It’s a great place to check if you are wondering about some of the capabilities of your system or just feel like checking out the latest tips.

Satellite Response Interactive

Satellite Response Interactive. This channel features the latest and greatest products and information for consumers such as housewares, health and beauty products, fitness equipment and business opportunities.

USA Network

USA Network. USA Network specializes in variety. One of the most-recognized names in pay-TV programming, you’ll see original series as well as popular movies, sporting events and much more.

TV Land

TV Land. If you’re into “classic” TV, TV Land is a must-have for you. Featuring television programming that many baby boomers grew up watching, watching this channel will feel like a trip down memory lane. Popular programs from the 1950’s right on up through the 1980’s allows TV Land to bring back memories for just about everyone.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central. It’s all about the laughs. Comedy Central’s cutting-edge programming often pushes the envelope in pursuit of unique and original programming, but you’ll find plenty of old school comedy content as well, including stand-up from some of the best comic talent from both the past and the present.

Lifetime Television

Lifetime. Well-known for it’s top-notch programming for women, Lifetime is always moving forward by offering original series, specials and world premiere movies. Even though it’s aim is to entertain women, once in a while a program comes along that even a guy might not mind watching.

Jet TV International TV

Lifetime Movie Network. Like it’s sister channel, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network provides entertainment for women but with an emphasis on movies. More than 200 movies and miniseries are broadcast each month, including original movies and premieres.

Food Network

Food Network. Legendary TV personalities like Julie Child started it all but have we ever come a long way since those days. Programming on the Food Network runs the gamut from the more traditional how-to cooking shows to others that explore cuisine from coast to coast and around the world.

DIY Network

DIY Network. Today it seems like doing it yourself makes more sense than ever. With prices going up and bad economic news continuing completing projects on your own may be the only affordable way to do it. You might be surprised how much you can accomplish with expert help from sources like the DIY Network.

HGTV Channel

HGTV. With life at home taking on more importance these days, many people are beginning to pay more attention to their surroundings and how to improve upon them. With advice and ideas from expert builders, designers and gardeners, HGTV provides a wealth of information that will help your house feel even more like home.

Cooking Channel

Cooking Channel. If you just can’t stay out of the kitchen, the cooking channel may just provide you with more reasons to stay there. Exploring the art of creating great cuisine, the Cooking Channel is bound to broaden your horizons and challenge you with new ideas from experts in almost any style of cooking you can imagine.

Entertainment Television

Entertainment Television. Can’t get enough red carpet coverage or celebrity news? It’s all up-to-date and wall-to-wall on E! From specials featuring legendary stars from the past to all the latest news and gossip from today’s top stars, Entertainment Television is the place to keep your finger on Hollywood’s pulse.

Style Network

The Style Network. For some it’s just a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers but for those who are always thinking about that next new outfit or pair of shoes, The Style Network will keep you up-to-date on all the hottest trends. Fashion, beauty, home and entertainment-oriented programming features content important to style-conscious women.

Game Show Network

Game Show Network. From game shows to documentaries to casino games, the Game Show Network is the premiere TV destination for game junkies. Challenge yourself, learn new games or just indulge your passion on the Game Show Network.

TV Guide Network

TV Guide Network Setting the standard for television programming information and related news for decades, TV Guide now has their own channel that brings their insight to a new medium. Celebrate your favorite TV programs, movies and stars with TV Guide Network.

A&E Television

A&E. One of the longest-running cable channels, A&E continues to innovate today with original series and other popular programming that keeps viewers coming back again and again. With a special emphasis on reality-based programming, A&E has led the way with programs that serve life up as it is, without the actors and without the scripts.

Biography Channel

The Biography Channel. The story behind the story. The Biography Channel serves up stories of people’s lives with plain truth and gritty reality. From celebrities to politicians and others who have made their mark on society, The Biography Channel fills in the blanks.

History Channel

History Channel. This is one of my all-time favorites. It’s the only channel I can turn on almost anytime and find something interesting to watch. In addition to history, there are a number of popular original programs on The History Channel. This is truly one channel I would not want to be without.

History International

History Channel International. As a sort of companion channel to The History Channel, it has much in common except that its programming is based on a non-U.S. perspective which by itself makes it interesting. Like The History Channel, there’s a nice variety of historical documentaries, original short specials, and interviews with historians.

Syfy Channel

Syfy Channel. This is where imagination rules. With programming geared towards fans of science fiction and fantasy entertainment, Syfy features original series, movies as well as classic science fiction and fantasy features to fuel the limitless human imagination.


Black Entertainment Television. With a focus on entertainment programming for African Americans, BET features programs such as “106 & Park,” “BET Awards,” “BET Star Cinema,” and a whole lot more.

Oxygen Channel

Oxygen. Targeting young women, Oxygen is hip, cutting-edge and on top of the trends that young women care about. It’s kind of like Lifetime, but with a focus more on a younger generation of viewers.

Bravo Channel

Bravo. As a channel that’s been on the air since around the time cable TV really started to become available, Bravo might be considered one of the original cable channels. These days the channel features programming with a emphasis on the arts, pop culture, reality shows, original series, movies, music and comedy.

Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies. Classic and movies. That’s TCM in a nutshell, but to expand on it a bit, you can expect TCM to deliver a steady stream of the film industry’s best-known works that have easily endured the test of time.

Fox Movie Channel

Fox Movie Channel. The one and only channel you’ll find that airs 20th Century Fox movies in their original un-cut and commercial free form. Fox Movie Channel also airs original programming with that behind-the-scenes perspective.

BBC America

BBC America. Renowned world-wide as a news organization, there’s a lot more to the BBC than just news. BBC America brings some of the British broadcaster’s best programming across the pond to America. In addition to it’s news programming, you’ll see award-winning dramas, mysteries, comedy programs and a lot more.


FX. One of today’s hottest cable channels is innovating with relevant programming today’s TV viewers are seeking. Acclaimed original series such as “Nip/Tuck” and “Rescue Me” set FX apart as the place to catch a glimpse of the future of pay-TV.

QVC Channel

QVC. QVC first went on the air during 1986 and has been offering viewers a range of products at very competitive prices. A sampling of products regularly offered include electronics, home fitness equipment, jewelry, tools and much more.

TNT Television

TNT. Known also at “Turner Network Television,” TNT prides itself on it’s drama-oriented programming. With their own original series programming in addition to syndicated programs and select films, TNT takes drama to a whole new level.

TBS Channel

TBS. Although the focus of TBS tends to be on comedy, the channel airs many other types of programming including specials, movies, and late-night series. Once known as a “Superstation” TBS has grown from its early years as a local UHF station in Atlanta to one of the most-recognized cable channels on TV.


ESPN. Also known as the “Entertainment Sports Programming Network,” EPSN has been all about sports since its launch in 1979. The channel is well-known among sports fans for their coverage of major sporting events and original sports-oriented programming.

ESPNU Channel

ESPNU. Earning it’s nickname “The U,” due to its focus on college sports, ESPNU provides fans with live broadcasts from 27 Division I Conferences including ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC. The channel also delivers enhanced coverage of 22 NCAA Championships.

ESPN News Channel

ESPNEWS. Keeping sports fans up-to-date on all the latest scores and other news, this is the one and only 24-hour sports news television channel in the U.S. If you want the rundown on the outcome of the game you missed or news about the latest trades, you’ll want ESPNEWS.

ESPN 2 Channel

ESPN 2. In order to expand on the offerings of ESPN, ESPN 2 was created to offer sports fans a wider variety of events and studio programming. Launched during 1993, the channel was nicknamed “the deuce” for obvious reasons.

Speed Channel

Fox Soccer Channel. Soccer fans will enjoy matches from multiple countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Australia and Japan.


MLB Network

MLB Network. What more could a baseball fan want? The MLB Network brings fans all the latest breaking news from the world of major league baseball along with expert analysis, original programs, live games four nights a week and live peeks at MLB games in progress for that quick update on the other games.


MLB Strike Zone

MLB Strike Zone. Take a whirlwind tour around the world of Major League Baseball on Tuesday and Friday nights with NFL Strike Zone. With much in common with the NFL’s Red Zone Channel, you’ll get a handle on all the hottest MLB news and action, including live “look-ins” showing what’s going on with games that are underway and highlights from the latest match-ups.

Speed Channel

Speed Channel. The name says it all. This channel is all about going fast. NASCAR and Formula 1 racing are the heart of this channel, but there’s also plenty of other programming for those who have that “need for speed.” Watch how-to shows, auto shows, reality shows, movies and more on the Speed Channel.

Versus Channel

NBC Sports. Formerly known as VERSUS, NBC Sports still focuses is on competition. If competition is involved, it’s fair game for NBC Sports! Featuring a diverse array of events including NHL Hockey, bull riders, The Tour de France, college football and lots more.

CBS Sports Network

CBS Sports Network. CBS is already established as a provider of renowned sports coverage and the CBS Sports Network reflects the decades of experience the network has providing sports fans with the kind of programming they desire. With a broad array of coverage, the channel reaches more college sports fans than any other network.

NFL Network

NFL Network. A channel that’s devoted to the NFL. No matter the time of year, you’ll find NFL-related programming in the NFL Network. It’s the place to get all the latest league news that originates on the field or off.

Fuel TV

Fuel TV. Fuel your desire for adrenaline with the action on Fuel TV! Programming includes coverage of Skate, Surf, BMX, lifestyle, culture music and fashion. Fuel delivers the action sports coverage that no other channel can match.

Ovation Channel

Ovation. Love the arts? Ovation presents an array of programming that ranges from music, dance, fashion and design to food and wine.


Si Nuvo TV

SITV. This English language channel features Latino-oriented programming that covers lifestyle topics, reality shows and comedy shows. Additionally, the network airs popular syndicated series. The channel is set to rebrand itself as “Nuvo TV” in the near future.

MTV Channel

MTV. Having transformed itself dramatically since its launch in 1981 when music videos and VJs dominated the air. MTV still targets a younger audience but now features a significant diversity of programming, including music videos, series, award shows, news, sports, fashion and comedy.

MTV 2 Network

MTV2. Continuing to target young people, MTV2 was introduced to get back to MTV’s original mission of showing music video content, but in recent years, the channel has been expanded to include music specials, and other shows that are not music-oriented and focus mainly on issues of pop culture and related subjects.

VH1 Television

VH1. Launched some four years after MTV, VH1 is a sort of sister channel to MTV with it’s original focus on music videos that were of interest to an older audience. More recently, VH1 has introduced more music-related reality programming such as “Behind The Music.”

VH1 Classic

VH1 Classic. Originally put on the air to play music videos that feature music that’s widely considered “classic,” including rock, pop and soul from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Like other music-oriented channels, programming has been expanded to include concerts, documentaries, and music-oriented films.


CMT. Your entertainment headquarters for all things country. Launched in 1983 as Country Music Television, CMT’s programming has evolved beyond playing country music videos and now airs various additional country-oriented programs including concerts, biography specials, movies, reality shows and game shows.

Great American Country Channel

Great American Country. A bit more like an old school music video channel where country music videos are aired 24-hours a day. Also included are interview segments with various country music personalities.

Spike TV

SPIKE. Lifetime may be for women but Spike is aimed squarely at men. With a line-up of action and adventure-oriented programming that appeals to guys, Spike features a mix of movies, sports, original programming, comedy and more.

Nick Jr. TV

Nick Jr. With content specifically for kids in the two to five-year-old age range, Nick Jr. is a commercial-free educational channel that helps preschoolers prepare for the future with a mix of original programming to stimulate young imaginations and fuel the desire to learn.

Nickelodeon Channel

Nickelodeon. The channel dozens of kids watched during their formative years, Nickelodeon’s programming is intended for kids between the ages of seven and seventeen and includes a host of very diverse original programming. During the evening and nighttime hours, the channel is rebranded as “Nick At Night” and airs mostly sitcom programming intended for the older kids among their targeted viewership.

Disney Channel

Disney Channel. Disney, a name synonymous with children’s entertainment launched the Disney Channel in 1983 to provide kids with varied programming that includes original series, movies and third-party programming. During the weekend prime time viewing hours, programming shifts more towards older children between the ages of nine and fifteen.

Disney XD Channel

Disney XD. Disney XD specializes in action-oriented children’s animated television programming and also live-action programming and films aimed at male viewers aged six to eighteen.

Boomerang Channel

Boomerang. Classic cartoons are the mainstay of Boomerang. The days of classic cartoon programming from the likes of Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. are back! Although cartoon content is not usually intended for adults, many adults will likely find many fond memories of classic cartoons that they grew up watching.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network. A wild and crazy channel that provides a variety of youth-oriented programming which includes original animation, reality programming, action-adventure shows and even anime.

Nick Toons Channel

Nicktoons. Some of the most widely-recognized children’s programming airs on Nicktoons. Programs such as “SpongeBob SquarePants,” and classic cartoons like “Ren and Stimpy” are presented to satisfy the varied preferences of kids seeking fun and unique entertainment.

The Hub Channel

The Hub. A creation born of cooperation between Discovery Communications and Hasbro, this unique channel. With daytime programming that caters to young children and evening programming aimed at families, The Hub provides great family entertainment.

ABC Family

ABC Family. Priding itself on family-oriented programming, ABC Family features syndicated programs and original series, big-name movies, made-for-TV movies and some religious programming.

TeenNick Channel

TeenNick. Is a Nickelodeon network channel for teens. Featuring a variety of programming that caters to teens and younger kids, with age-appropriate content for each age group.


Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel. One of the shining stars of pay-TV channels, Discovery has been enthralling and entertaining audiences since 1985. With recognizable and popular series such as “Myth Busters,” “Dirty Jobs” and “Deadliest Catch,” the Discovery Channel has carved out one of the most successful niches among the many competing pay-TV networks.

TLC Television

TLC. Also known as “The Learning Channel,” TLC is another pay-TV star network with hit shows such as “Cake Boss” and “Kate Plus 8,” and other reality-based programming. A sister channel to the Discovery Channel, TLC leans a little more towards the entertainment realm compared with the educational programming on Discovery.

Animal Planet

Animal Planet. With our fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth the stars of this network, there is an abundant supply of subject matter for Animal Planet programming. From the world of wild animals where every day can be a struggle just to survive to the pets we adore, Animal Planet delivers programming for animal lovers of all stripes.

Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel. Known widely for its original made-for-TV movies, the Hallmark Channel also broadcasts specials and movies focused on the holidays, including their “Countdown” programming which engages viewers interest in upcoming holidays with relevant programming and reminders of how many days remain until a particular holiday.

NatGeo Channel

National Geographic Channel. A relative newcomer to the pay-TV scene when compared with some other channels, NATGEO has earned a spot among the most popular channels with the type of unique, innovative and educational programming you would expect from National Geographic.

Hallmark Movie Channel

Hallmark Movie Channel. Similar in the subject matter of the programming on its sister channel Hallmark, the Hallmark Movie Channel’s focus is on films and miniseries that are family-friendly and include features from their Hallmark Hall of Fame collection as well as from other well-known sources such as Disney and Touchstone Pictures.

GMC TV Channel

GMC TV. Widely acknowledged as a true family-friendly network, GMC TV offers viewers a wide variety of programming including uplifting music, movies, syndicated dramas and original programming. Awarded The Parents Television Council Entertainment Seal of Approval, parents can be sure that programming from GMC TV is suitable for everyone in the entire family.

Oprah Winfrey Network

OWN. A venture launched by talk show legend Oprah Winfrey, OWN is one of the newest channels to be offered by DISH. Viewers can expect to see a variety of daytime shows, prime time series, specials, movies and original documentaries.

G4 Channel

G4. Games and cutting-edge technology are just some of what G4 brings to their male-dominated audience whose insatiable appetite for all things tech fuels the creation of programming that also includes animation and comics.

Science Channel

Science Channel. As the name suggests, this channel is focused on the fascinating world of science. Part of the Discovery family of channels, the Science Channel brings viewers great content for minds that are hungry for knowledge.

Investigation Discovery Channel

Investigation Discovery. Another venture from Discovery Communications, Discovery ID provides informative and educational programming on topics that seem to be gaining popularity among TV viewers in recent years: crime. Featuring both reality and scripted drama programming, ID provides many choices for those fascinated by crime and punishment.

Planet Green TV

Planet Green. Working to raise awareness about how the human population can live more in harmony with mother nature, Planet Green features programs that tackle issues that have attracted more attention in recent years as humans grapple with issues concerning the preservation of the planet we share with each other and all other living creatures.

The Military Channel

Military Channel. With human conflict likely as old as the human race itself, there certainly is no shortage of material available for the Military Channel. In addition to conflicts through the ages, also featured are programs that showcase the latest in military technology and tactics.

Current TV

Current. Unique as a kind of peer-to-peer news network, Current uses content from viewers to cover news and information relevant to the channel’s mission.


The Documentary Channel

Documentary Channel. Not surprisingly, documentaries are the mainstay of this channel. The majority of its programming consists of documentaries by independent film makers and are presented uncut and without intermission.

Sleuth TV

Sleuth TV. Another relative newcomer to the pay-TV line-up, Sleuth airs programming that features crime and mystery. Slated for rebranding in the future, the channel currently offers programming content from other sources such as series like “JAG,” “NCIS,” “Law & Order,” and others.

Chiller TV

Chiller. As its name suggests, Chiller’s goal is to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with suspense and horror programming. Both movie and series programming provides the thrills and chills that Chiller offers to keep viewers coming back for “Scary Good” content.

CNN Channel

CNN. The Cable News Network, launched in 1980, was the first 24-hour cable news channel. Today, the channel has expanded beyond just news and also presents specials, talk shows, opinion, debate and analysis.

Headline News Channel

HLN. Headline News was launched by CNN in 1982 to provide the type of non-stop news that CNN was moving away from. HLN still airs 30-minute newscasts 24 hours a day, but has also moved into other programming that features news and opinion specials as well.

Bloomberg Television

Bloomberg Television. With viewers in over 200 millions households worldwide, Bloomberg TV is a 24-hour news channel with a focus on business, financial and market-related news and reporting.

TruTV Channel

truTV. As its name suggests, truTV is all about reality. Formerly known as “Court TV,” the channel was rebranded in 2008 and shifted its focus away from covering legal stories and broadened their offerings to include other reality-based programming and sports.

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel. A similar model to CNN, Fox News was launched in 1996 and did not take long to overtake their competitors with programming that attracted a large audience who tune in for the channel’s news coverage and numerous opinion and analysis programming.

Fox Business Network

Fox Business Network. A fairly recent entrant into the business programming world, Fox Business Network came on the air in 2007 and entered the market alongside channels like CNBC and Bloomberg Television to cover business and financial news.

CNBC World

CNBC World. Sensing a need to cover business and finance news beyond the U.S., CNBC launched their “World” channel in 2001. CNBC World offers coverage very similar to CNBC but is more inclusive of events that originate beyond the shores of the United States.

CNBC Channel

CNBC. Recognized as a leader in financial news and market coverage, CNBC been successful by attracting an impressive viewership since first coming on the air during 1989 as part of the NBCUniversal family of cable channels.


MSNBC. In what may have seemed like an odd alliance at the beginning, NBC’s partnership with Microsoft to create a new kind of news channel, the venture has endured since its creation in 1996 and has moved itself more towards what it considers a “progressive” news outlet and has adopted the tagline “Lean Forward.”


C-SPAN. Recognized for its live coverage of political debate in the U.S. House of Representatives, C-SPAN has been providing news and information on topics that are important in today’s political environment and are relevant to current public affairs.

C-SPAN2 Television

C-SPAN2. Much like its sister channel C-SPAN, C-SPAN2 is focused on political events and debate in Washington, D.C. with a focus on coverage of live debate in the U.S. Senate.


NASA Channel

The NASA Channel. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been enthralling and capturing the imagination of the country and the world since their bold space missions of the 1960’s. The NASA Channel offers live coverage of NASA missions and other activities and also provides a host of educational programming.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, the weather often has a profound effect on our daily lives. The Weather Channel not only includes up-to-the-minute forecasts, but also features a variety of weather-related programming including specials that focus on severe or other unusual weather-related events.

The Travel Channel

Travel Channel. Many of us dream of exploring the world, but few have the resources to see all there is to see on planet Earth. The Travel Channel offers viewers a kind of virtual method of travel as it features various locations around the world in a diverse selection of programs.

ION Television

ION. Offering a diverse range of programming content, ION brings classic TV favorites, popular movies, television series, specials and sports. There’s something for just about everyone on ION.

Veria TV

Veria. With a slogan like “Your Life… Naturally,” it’s clear that Veria is dedicated to providing programming that helps people live well, and in harmony with nature at the same time.


America Live Auction Channel

America Live. A shopping channel with a twist. America Live features products that are sold via live auctions. Items up for auction vary widely and include coins, jewelry, art, decorative carvings, sports memorabilia and much more. There are also weekly real estate auctions.

Mercury Channel

Mercury. A shopping channel that features products including housewares, entertainment, health, beauty, fitness and business opportunities.


Satellite Response Network

SRN. The Satellite Response Network offers opportunities for shoppers to choose from various products which include health and fitness equipment, housewares, fashion and beauty products and more.

Shop At Home Channel

Shop At Home. Considered a bit more high-end and catering to shoppers with more discriminating taste, Shop At Home features products including fitness equipment, sports collectables, coins, knives, watches, outdoor equipment and more.

HSN 2 Shopping Channel

HSN2. An expansion of the original HSN or “Home Shopping Network,” HSN2 offers a range of products that include, but are not limited to electronics, footwear, handbags, housewares, appliances, and magazine subscriptions.

Jewelry TV

Jewelry Television. The name of this channel leaves little doubt about what this shopping channel has to offer. If you like shopping for jewelry on television, Jewelry Television is a channel is for you.


ShopNBC. A shopping channel branded with the name of the major television network, ShopNBC offers consumers a range of products that include consumer electronics, fashion, jewelry, beauty products and much more.

Gems Shopping Network

GEMS Shopping Network. Live Shopping.


In Country TV

In Country Television. Country living is the focus of In Country Television, a channel that features informative content which includes programs about hunting, fishing, motors ports, horses and country lifestyle.


RFD-TV. Although big-city life seems to get all the attention on television, there’s still a very significant number of Americans who live in rural areas and embrace the rural lifestyle. That’s what RFD-TV is all about. The channel has been on the air since 2000 and airs programming on agriculture, livestock, country music and more.

SoapNet Television

SOAPnet. Featuring both daytime and prime time drama programming, SOAPnet is the destination for viewers seeking emotion-driven programming.


Inspiration Network TV

Inspiration Network. Featuring programming from more than 70 ministries and content suitable for the whole family, the Inspiration Network airs specials, original programs for kids, as well as action, sports and music programs especially for teenagers.

The Church Channel

The Church Channel. With Christian faith as its main focus, The Church Channel airs programming from Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jewish leaders 24 hours a day.


TBN Channel

TBN. TBN features programming that is hosted by a diverse group of ministries from traditional Protestant and Catholic denominations, Interdenominational and Full Gospel churches, non profit charities, Messianic Jewish and well-known Christian media personalities. In addition, TBN offers a wide range of original programs, and faith-based movies and features.

EWTN Television

EWTN. The Eternal World Television Network is the largest religious pay-TV network in the United States. The channel offers 24 hours of family-oriented, spiritual growth programming which features talk shows, weekly series and documentaries.

Angel One Channel

Angel One. This channel brings together more than 100 Christian ministries. Featuring music, worship, teaching, creation science, and mission outreach programs, Angel One is an inspiring television destination for all Christians.

Daystar TV

Daystar. Differing from some of the other religious-oriented programming available, Daystar broadcasts an extensive mix of interdenominational and multi-cultural programming content. Daystar’s goal is to provide quality television that will reach viewers, refresh their lives, and renew their hearts.

Kids and Teens TV

Kids and Teens Television. From tots to teens, the Kids and Teens Television channel offers up quality programming to entertain and educate. Featuring animated programs, talk shows, music videos, dramas, health and fitness programs and more, it’s a great TV destination for today’s young people.


CCTV-9. This channel is an English-language Chinese channel that offers U.S. viewers great insight into China and its culture. CCTV-9’s programming features news in addition to cultural and entertainment programming.

Angel Two TV

Angel Two. A channel that offers programming that includes exercise, sports and financial talk shows, children’s programs, family-oriented programming, and religious programs.


Christian TV Channel

Christian Television Network. As the name suggests, this channel brings Christian-oriented programming to their audience, all of which is intended to be wholesome and unique.

Univision TV

Univision. Univision is the leading Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States and features top-notch programming which includes novelas, national and local news, variety programs, children’s shows, movies, sports and public affairs programs. Not available for subscribers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Galavision Television

Galavision. A broad-based entertainment channel which will appeal to every member of the U.S. Hispanic family. Broadcast offerings include top-rated novelas, news, comedy, music, movies and live sports programming.

Dish Shopping

DISH Shopping Channel. DISH’s shopping channel.


DISH Earth

DISH Earth Channel. Talk about unique! DISH Earth broadcasts the view of our planet from one of the DISH satellites that’s orbiting some 22,000 miles above the surface of the Earth.

Reelz Channel TV

Reelz Channel. A movie channel that brings their audience the latest movie news and information. There are also interviews with Hollywood celebs and unique behind-the-scenes programming.

RT America

RT America A unique perspective on news and events in the America’s from Russia. RT America is well known for its in-depth coverage and their desire to present the other side of the story.

Epix Drive-In

Epix Drive-In. A movie channel that offers hits from the 1970’s right up to today. See uncut and uninterrupted movies at any time of day.


The Movie Channel

The Movie Channel. Having broadened its offerings beyond movies,The Movie Channel still features cult classics, independent films and theatricals in addition to other programming that includes movie trivia, behind-the-scenes extras and celebrity interview segments.

The Movie Channel Xtra

The Movie Channel Xtra. With programming that mimics The Movie Channel, Xtra gives viewers more chances to catch the programs they may have missed the first time around.


Encore Movie Channel

Encore. With a focus on some older and more recent blockbuster movies, Encore is known for repeating programming, giving viewers a chance to see their favorites again and again.

Encore Westerns

Encore Westerns. The place for an endless and non-stop supply of westerns.


Encore Action Channel

Encore Action. For the action movie fan that cannot get enough, your 24/7 action channel is here.


Encore Mystery Channel

Encore Mystery. Love a good whodunnit? Look no further than Encore Mystery which will keep you guessing and puzzling with their constant stream of mystery and intrigue.


Encore Drama

Encore Drama. Dramatic performances and powerful movies will satisfy the die hard drama fan.


Encore Love

Encore Love. The Encore family of channels seems to have all the bases covered, including love. For those who prefer their movies with a healthy dash of emotion, this channel is a good bet.

Encore Wam

Encore wam. Currently targeted at teens and meaning “What Adults are Missing,” the channel is set for rebranding in August of 2011 and will then be known as “Encore Family.”


Movieplex TV Channel

Movieplex. Airing on DISH since December 1, 2010, Movieplex is a unique member of the Encore family of channels which airs programming for encore channels depending on the day of the week. It’s a great place to catch that feature you might have missed on one of the Encore channels the first time around! Time is limited however since it is set to begin airing its own unique schedule of programming on August 1, 2011.

Sportsman Channel

Sportsman Channel. A clearly-focused lifestyle channel for those who enjoy fishing, hunting and shooting. Feature programming includes destination and how-to programs.


Outdoor Channel

Outdoor Channel. Dedicated to those who revel in outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, shooting, off-road motors ports and outdoor adventure, the Outdoor Channel provides a variety of prime time “blocks” of programming that focus one a specific outdoor activity, giving each category of viewers a healthy dose of the programming they want.

Tennis Channel

Tennis Channel. This is the one and only round-the-clock TV channel dedicated to the game of tennis. Fans will get as much tennis as they can possibly desire on the Tennis Channel — the channel for true tennis devotees.

Golf Channel

Golf Channel. With 24-hour programming that’s all about golf, the Golf Channel provides viewers with coverage of events such as the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Nationwide Tour and Championship Tour as well as golf-related news.

NBA Channel

NBA Channel. The ultimate channel for everything basketball, the NBA Channel featuring live NBA games every week of the season, including playoffs, original programming, live telecasts, highlights and NBA news.

NHL Network

NHL Network. The NHL Network is the channel that is 100% devoted to total ice hockey coverage with live games, nightly highlights programs, the latest hockey news, and exclusive programming and special events.

Horse Racing TV

HorseRacing TV. The 24-hour TV network dedicated to the sport of horse racing. HRTV features a full 15 hours of live racing every day, and includes coverage from famous tracks all across the United States.

TV Games Network

TV Games Channel. Forget the trip to the OTB! TVG combines live, televised coverage from more than 45 of America’s best tracks with the convenience of wagering right from home! Place your bets either online or by telephone.

Big Ten Network

BIG Ten Network. Boasting more Big Ten marquee events than any other TV channel, only the Big Ten Network can bring viewers the comprehensive conference coverage that devoted Big Ten alumni and fans must have!

Regional Sports Networks

Regional Sports Networks. Regional sports networks vary by location and are included based on subscriber Zip Code.


KBS World

KBS World. A Korean-language channel that has English subtitles, KBS World is a general entertainment outlet which is the longest-running and most popular broadcasting station in all of Korea.

HITN Television

HITN. The leading Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States featuring novelas, national and local news, variety programs, kid’s programming, films, sports and public affairs programming. Not available for subscribers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


CCTV-E. A channel that broadcasts programs in Spanish to include news, features, education and entertainment programming in a timely, narrative and culturally-flavored way.

DISH Network CD Music

DishCD Music. More than 30 channels of CD-quality music. The following channels are included: Shine, Country Gold, Nashville USA, Jukebox Gold-Rock & Roll Classic, Songbook-Singer/Songwriter, Unforgettable-Adult Favorites, Cashmere-Adult Contemporary, Backpages-Adult Alternative, Strobe-Electro-Pop, Rock Show-Classic Rock, Feedback-Alternative Rock, NUJazz-Acid Jazz, Concrete Beats-Hip Hop, Martini Time, Ambrosia, Frequency-Club/Dance, Jazz Traditions-Classic Jazz, Impressions-Contemporary Jazz, Acoustic Crossroads-Contemporary Folk, Plaza-Contemporary Instrumental, Ensembles-Classical, Intermezzo-Light Classical, Easy Instrumentals-Classic Instrumentals, Swing Kings-Big Band, The Light-Contemporary Christian, Kid Tunes-Chldren’s Music, Aura-New Age, Lucille-Blues, Kingston-Reggae, BYU Radio Network and Hawaiian Music.

SiriusXM Music From DISH Network

SiriusXM Music. Over 60 digital satellite music stations from SiriusXM, including Hits 1, 20s on 20, 40s on 4, 50s on 5, 60s on 6, 70s on 7, 80s on 8, 90s on 9, The Pulse, BBC Radio 1, The Blend, Love, Limited Engagement, Elvis Radio, E-Street Radio, Underground Garage, The Grateful Dead, Margaritaville, Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl, Deep Tracks, The Spectrum, Jam On, The Loft, The Coffee House, The Bridge, First Wave, Lithium, U, Alt Nation, Octane, Boneyard, Hair Nation, Liquid Metal, Faction, The Joint, Hip-Hop Nation, Shade 45, BackSpin, The Heat, Heart & Soul, Soultown, BPM, Area, Chill, The Roadhouse, Prime Country, The Highway, Outlaw Country, Bluegrass Junction, The Message, Praise, Watercolors, Real Jazz, Spa, Escape, BB King Bluesville, SIRIUSLY Sinatra, On Broadway, Metropolitan Opera, Pops, Symphony Hall and Caliente.


Health and Human Services TV. HHS-TV is a new and unique, commercial-free source for health and emergency preparedness information. It is the place to turn to for high-quality medical, health and wellness programming.


BYU TV. A channel that delivers high quality multimedia educational experiences to the home and other places of learning, focusing on family life education, early childhood development, and quality of life in families.

Pentagon Channel

Pentagon Channel. The Pentagon Channel broadcasts military news and information for the 2.6 million members of the United States Armed Forces.


Classic Arts Showcase

Classic Arts Showcase. Classic Arts Showcase is a 24-hour pay-TV channel that plays contemporary, vintage and rare video and film clips of the arts.


CoLours TV

CoLours TV. CoLours offers multi-cultural and multi-ethnic programming highlighting educational and cultural issues of African, Asian, Latin, and Native Americans.


Link TV

Link TV. Link TV is linking Americans to the world, providing viewers with a global perspective on cultural, political and humanitarian issues, which impact every American’s life.


University House Television

University House. Educating students, faculty, and staff around the nation by offering graduate programs and instruction through educational partnerships, supporting research, and providing public service.

UCTV Channel

University of California TV. The mission of UCTV is to use the vast resources of the University of California to inform, educate, and enrich the lives of the people in the nation and around the globe.

Almavision Network

Almavision Hispanic Network. A Spanish language channel broadcasting from the U.S. and providing Christian programming with viewership across North and Central America.


V-Me Channel

V-Me. A public television channel broadcasting in Spanish.V-Me Programming includes Latino-focused lifestyle content: health, parenting, travel, food, home, design, self-improvement, sports programs, prime time dramas, news, nature and education.

Free Speech TV

Free Speech TV. An independent, non-profit TV station located in Denver, Colorado, that was first launched in 1995. It is supported by public donations and is owned and operated by Public Communicators Incorporated, an organization that was founded in 1974.

Florida Education Network

Florida Education Channel. A joint effort of the Florida Department of Education and the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium to serve the educational needs of students and teachers.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Three Angels Broadcasting Network. A nonprofit, 24-hour TV network that primarily focuses on Christian and health-oriented programming. It is an independently owned and operated ministry, not funded by any church or denominational group.

Channel information subject to change at the discretion of DISH at any time and may differ from this listing. Call to confirm any information you have questions about.