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Alaska, also known as "The Land of The Midnight Sun," is one of the most unspoiled natural wonders in the country. Remote locations that are not serviced by cable TV companies are ideal for satellite customers.

Since DISH is a nation-wide service, there are few changes in programming from one region to another, but with advancements in satellite technology like "spot beams," it is possible for satellite providers to offer various services on a regional basis these days.

With the ability to direct a signal via a "spot beam," it is possible for DISH to offer various regional programming for Alaska viewers that may not be available in other areas. For example, local television stations in Alaska may be delivered via a "spot beam" satellite signal that concentrates the transmission to viewers in that state.

Naturally, all the latest and greatest DISH offers are available to Alaska residents as well as free professional installation. Just click on over to the home page to see the best DISH service options available for new subscribers.

If you prefer to order by telephone, you can simply call 1-866-537-9648 to get your best deal.

As of this writing, local stations for DISH subscribers in Alaska include Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks. There may be some restrictions on the availability of local channels depending on subscriber location, so be sure to check with DISH to find out if the local channels you may want are available in your area.

DISH has been working to add new channels on a pretty consistent basis, particularly new high definition (HD) channels. An ongoing competition between DISH and their chief rival, DirecTV has both companies expending significant effort to ensure they are offering their customers in Alaska and other areas the most HD content possible.

With a limited amount of programming currently available in true 1080p HD format, you can be sure that DISH will be working to roll out more 1080p content as soon as possible. DISH is also the only satellite provider that is broadcasting 100% of their content in the latest MPEG-4 digital format which allows them to provide more high-quality digital programming without the need to launch additional satellites.

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