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Who says satellite dishes are ugly?

Okay, it’s obvious that the appearance of a satellite dish is a matter of individual taste. Some people think they are ugly and some do not. Personally, I think they look kind of cool. And I certainly don’t think they are any more of an eyesore than the telephone and electrical lines that are attached to so many people’s homes. Additionally, I suspect most people find a satellite dish more visually appealing than the old standard over-the-air (OTA) rooftop TV antenna. Now those things are ugly!

Consider the other devices that are attached to so many homes. There are electric meters, gas meters, propane tanks and air conditioners to name but a few. Are satellite dishes any uglier than all those contraptions? Well, like I said, it’s clearly a matter of opinion.

Since my work takes me to a lot of different homes and involves taking photos, I get to see a lot of satellite TV installations. Since I moved to North Carolina, I’ve never seen so many satellite dishes mounted on homes. I’m beginning to think almost everyone here has satellite TV. I never saw as many dishes in New England as I do down here.

Since I see so many installations, I figured I’d start taking pictures of them to include here. It will be a good way to show the C-Band Satellite Dishvarious ways that satellite dishes can be installed. Some of them are actually quite innovative and clever.

Some people that may be considering satellite television might benefit from seeing the many ways the dishes can be mounted and in what locations. Keep in mind that the older dishes are the round ones and that the newer ones are the slightly larger and more oval-shaped ones.

Speaking of larger dishes, even I will admit that the old C-Band monstrosities might be considered ugly. I like the look of the newer, smaller generation of dish antennas but I really do not think I would want the likes of this monster sitting in my yard. Kind of makes the place look like some kind of NASA installation or something!