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Remote Access

Your DVR is only as far away as the nearest internet connection

I figured there would be some interesting things coming when I heard the news some time back that DISH subscribers could connect their DVRs to the internet via their home network. I put off doing it for a while since running the network cable from my DVR to my network switch was quite a job which involved fishing the wire underneath my living room floor.

At first it seemed that the only interesting new feature was the ability to access more on-demand content. That was nice since I had access to a lot of different programs that I could download and watch — some of them I had never even heard of.

And then I discovered DISH Remote Access. Now this is the kind of stuff I had been waiting for!

I was fortunate to be part of the beta test of this new feature and was impressed right off the bat.

Access And Control Your DISH DVR From Almost Anywhere

This new remote access feature allowed me to log into a special website on the internet and access my DVR. That means that I could do just about anything with my DVR via the internet that I could do sitting in my living room with my remote control!

With optional equipment you can even watch programming from your DVR over the internet. I don’t personally have that option, but I’m pretty happy with the new features that DISH Remote access have given me.

I can log in and review the list of programs I have recorded, check the program guide, set up a timer to record a program, change existing timers, delete recorded programs and just about anything else I want to do.

This Thing Really Works!

A while back, my son was home from college for spring break. We had decided to go down to Massachusetts to visit some relatives one Sunday since it had been quite a while since my son had seen them. We left to return home at about 8:30 that evening.

Realizing that I forgot to program the DVR to record “Desperate Housewives” at 9:00 PM (one of the only programs my wife and I can watch together!), I knew we would miss most of the program with an hour-long drive ahead of us.

It was then that I remembered that my son brought his new iPhone with him. I asked him if I could borrow it for a few minutes and I was on the web in no time logging in to access my DVR that was sitting in my darkened living room some 40 miles away.

I programmed the DVR to record “Desperate Housewives” while we traveled down the road towards home. By the way, my wife was driving so I was free to play with the iPhone at the time.

It was just one of those moments where I thought “this is just getting crazy.” It was so cool to be able to access my DVR while driving down the road so that we would not miss the show.

You May Misplace Your Remote or Your iPhone But Probably Not Both!

It turns out that I could do even more than I thought with the DISH Remote Access feature than I imagined. I was playing with my son’s iPhone again the other day (he’s home for the summer) and I decided to access my DVR again.

This time I noticed something else I had not noticed before. It was an icon on the screen that I was not familiar with, so of course I had to try it.

I was quite surprised to see the iPhone transform itself into a remote control for my DVR! The buttons for my DVR remote control appeared on the screen and they actually worked! I could use the iPhone as a remote control for my DVR! What next?

I’m not normally the kind of person who misplaces things. I’m one of those organized types that always puts things back in the same place every time. However, for those of you who lose your remote control on occasion, the iPhone and DISH Remote Access combination could be a real life saver!

DISH Remote Access is available to all DISH customers who have one of the following DVRs: ViP 612, ViP 622, ViP 722 and ViP 722k, and The Hopper.